Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sex Toy Party

 hello  my lovely readers!!

Have you ever been to a sex toy party? Yes, you read that right. How many of you just blushed and made sure no one else was looking at your screen? ;) I know, I know.... Often times, when people hear this, they think one word… orgy!! As much as I would love to say I participated in an all-female-sex-a-thon, I did not. We sat around in a circle and watched the hostess demonstrate all of the products. There were pheromone enhanced bath bubbles, vanilla flavored lube, edible body shimmer, and just about every kind of vibrator known to (wo)man. Ever heard of the “Silky Stud”? How about the “Aquasaki”? Not only did I get my hands on all these things, but I also got a crash course in erotic massage and some wild sex positions. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention I won a prize for drawing the best looking penis with my eyes closed. Now there is something I can put on a resume someday. ;)

Basically sex toy parties are just silly fun for girls who are a little more on the adventurous side, which happens to be the only side I have. When the hostess brought The Rabbit out, I couldn’t help but grin. Next came The Mini Tongue, another stress reliever of mine... haha just keeeding. "Who needs a guy when you can just fire up the Hitachi Magic Wand?" said the party hostess. Of course nothing compares to real sex… real GOOD sex. The party hostess asked me if I had a vibrator or ever used one, unfortunately no i have not. I said "why have one, and waste money on one when i have my boyfriend right by my side ready to go?"

And her answer was amazing.

"Because there are about a million things that can go wrong when having sex with someone, I think it is important to have a “sure thing” sitting around just in case. "

Brilliant answer, right? It definitely got a few girls to bite the bait and buy one, but i did not. I only ended up spending about $75.00 at the sex toy party and not a single thing I bought required batteries or penetration... LOL. Instead, I opted for products I thought were very unique. 

Nipple Nibblers by Surprise Parties

Smoothie Massage Cream by Surprise Parties

Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne by Surprise Parties

Both lotions taste like candy and make my skin extremely soft. I tested out the pheromone cologne when i went to the bar the other day with my girl friend.. and I didn’t notice too much of a difference considering there are men all over us when we go out as it is.. lol I put spots of it on my chest, wrists, and neck and although it made me smell lovely, it didn’t seem to have an effect on any man. That’s OK though. I still love the scent and I am going to use it all the time.

I understand a lot of this stuff is just a total gimmick and there is some asshole out there making alot of money on the fact that women will buy anything to enhance certain aspects of their life. This is also OK.

Why? Because everything about life is a gimmick.

People tell you they are genuine and trustworthy but they just end up being a faded spot of perfume on your skin with a promise to do so much more than smell good. In saying this, I will take the chance with the sex appeal enhancement simply because I have nothing to lose. 

I will also take the chance in saying I am not the only girl out there that will admit she loves sex.

Pleasure should never be shameful ;-)

xoxo rica

Saturday, April 11, 2015

[[ s.p.r.i.n.g f.a.s.h.i.o.n ]]

:: Spring ::

it's nature's way of saying "dress to impress showing less" ;-)  unfortunately in Chicago IL, we always get lulled into thinking spring is upon us all for us to get bombarded with two feet of snow a day later. Regardless though...  it was nice while it lasted, hopefully its a taste of whats to come. I’m dead set on leaving my winter wardrobe in storage, sexy as it may be, I cant wait to slip into my sexier spring and summer outfits!!

speaking of spring and summer outfits-- the spring trends this year i am going crazy for. emereld is the color of the year -- & i am a big teal fan so meh, close enough. i wanted to share all of the trends i am loving (off the shoulders, halters, pastels, etc) && the trends i am hating (loose shorts, peplums, etc) along with trends that have never went out of style in my book (maxis, short shorts, mini dresses, etc!!)

accessories ::

clear clutches

sixties stripes roger vivier blue striped clutch
stripes clutch

favorite dresses ;;

h&m black hm ruffled dress


More Plain, Lounging Dresses:

Hurley Featherweights Mixer Maxi Dress - Women'sDC Convert Dress - Women's

sporty ;;

::  Sweatsuit jumpers -- my two favorite LOVE PINK ones  ::

trends i am so not digging ;;

Dorsel Flats Shoes

Mom Jeans:

any one else loving or hating any of the above items? let me know if i missed any thing !!
Rica x0x

Thursday, April 09, 2015

new trends i'm admiring

hello my lovelies!

since i've been working at this new job, i have enjoyed everything that has come with it. the people, the atmosphere, etc is so great. not to mention the male employees do not attempt to get in my pants.

Speaking of the female employees, about 80% of them are absolutely gorgeous and what I have noticed about the girls here at this salon is that they are very trendy, and always dress to impress. as opposed to some salons like Great Clips or Supercuts lol Some of the outfits and accessories they wear are things I have would've never considered to wear before, or things I would’ve thought looked tacky. lately, they've been rocking some incredible garments lately, and i wanted to address the trends i have been admiring lately.

For a lot of girls, having the most sparkles and the biggest boobs are top priority on their to do list. I like to wear things that are cute and sexy, but also functional. By functional, I mean I  like to be able to bend over and pick up a pen without having my panties show or my top go so far up my back you see my bra strap, etc.

Here are some examples:

i saw a lot of cute headbands at for very cheap price, and a lot of good deals when buying multiple ones at once. I love head bands because they keep your hair in place, and can make an otherwise messy hair day look cute!

I do own a few flower head bands but they are kind of non compliant with my silky hair, they fall off/out of place often and just annoy me.. so I’d rather save them for shopping trips or a lunch date with a friend where i can pause and adjust them every other hour or so. I have not tapped into the rhinestone jewelry craze but I love the way it looks on some girls, girls

Rhinestone jewelry at, where i found most pieces very reasonably priced, and they all looked VERY pricey... which is a-okay in my book :))

i'll be the first to admit i am not big on having the latest trends in my closet, I do not care to be"in" or what not. i have my own unique style, and wear things that suit my taste and that i think will look good on me, not what others think. Nor am i one to spend oodles and oodles of money on an item or service i consider ridiculously priced.

my favorite word is clearance & i can never pass up a great deal. therefore stores that i really enjoy shopping at are outlet malls, stores like discovery and dots, any thrift store lol which are both excellent discount stores as well. I like Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, However when I do have the money to spend, or if someone like my mom is treating me to a shopping spree like she normally does-- Bebe, Guess, Express, etc are the stores at the top of my list.

Another trend that has been no secret since they first came into fruition is hair extensions !!!

this is a trend that i think any girl can rock, and itll look bomb! Of course for a female, having the edge is very important;; and Hair extensions are definitely my thing. I swear by the Euronext brand that is sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They are real human hair, easy to style, and you are able to unclip them at the end of the night as opposed to spending hundreds to have them glued directly into your hair. I have very long hair as it is, but it's more on the thin stringy side. i have a lot of it, so it looks thick, but when it comes to styling-- it's just not there. lol So therefore I use the extensions to add volume and help with different styles.

i suggest reading magazines is a great way to check out latest styles, see how the stars dress, and wear their hair and make up. i just love to read cosmopolitan mags and see the new trends, check out my little collection i got going.. hehe =p i also love glamour and allure, etc i'm still undecided about Vogue...i don't think i'd ever spend my own money on buying an issue.. even though i am not that into fashion i still consider it interesting as to what pieces come around especially ones that were popular in the 70s and 80s or the past itself.

history does repeat itself my friends :)

so if any of my readers have any new trends they are trying, let me know in a comment!! i would love to hear how other girls rock out. < 3

xox Fee

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

a work of art

i just recently returned from a lovely trip.

A trip to visit a fellow writer, in fact. Instead of drinking til we vomit and having promiscuous sex, the two of us opted for more ordinary activities. We went for a walk thru Grant Park, on the day of a music festival. We had a nice outdoor patio lunch, and then returned to her condo for a movie and junk food night. It was just us two girlies, and i don't remember the last time i have had so much fun. we talked about everything that was going on in our lives, but this time i did something different and that is i did more of the listening instead of the speaking... didn't work out to well to say the least, haha.

I also received a wonderful "just because, long time no see" present that I just can not stop looking at. I was given a painting, not of an animal or a place, but of myself.

On one side, there is me holding one of my books, dressed in a conservative button up shirt and sweater. On the other side, I am donning a sexy school girl outfit equipped with a garter and some fantastic cleavage, given my current situation and all this was a pretty important factor =) I can not express how touched I was by how much work was put into it and I am so thrilled to add it to my collection of erotic pictures.

One degenerate can paint. the other can write.  && we both look like we belong to two seperate social groups.  Is this really possible?

My painting is not the only work of art I laid my eyes on this past weekend. We were wandering around Barnes and Noble the other day and a book caught my eye.

 Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined.

It was larger than all of the other paperbacks in its section and I was immediately intrigued by its cover. A punky looking cartoon girl with a very sexy smirk on her face. I knew it had to be photography of some sort by the shape of the book so I wasted no time taking a look. What I saw within the pages completely blew me away. Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined turned out to be a collection of erotic photography, but it was not your typical female models. Most of these girls were covered in tattoos and had piercings in spots I didn’t know one could pierce... lol

They were dark with the occasional blast of color, either in the hair, make up, or background, and best of all, they were completely naked. And sexy. Unbelievably sexy. I was then asked if I would pose for anything like that. My answer… in a heart beat. However, there are certain things that would have to fall into place before I would be able to take on such an endeavor.

 First of all, I would have to be sure my reputation could take such a blow.. haha but then again at this point who am i really trying to impress any more?? a photograph can follow you everywhere though.. and second of all, I am not as bad ass as the Suicide Girls. I have only one small, modest tattoo  but have always wanted a small, modest tattoo and I think a lot of make up overwhelms my features, so i don't wear much. Of course I can rock out in front of a camera so I think I would be OK regardless of the rather “bare” exterior... hehe

If I ever did something like this, I would want people to have the same reaction I did when I opened the book. & that is.. she is not just a nude body. she is a rule breaker.. a symbol of strength . radiant .fierce as tyra banksss. she spreads her legs for the sake of art. for the sake of beauty. && those uncovered lips are shouting fuck you. while the other set of lips are screaming fuck me. it's art. she is aware of the consequences, yet takes the risk. i guess it's because nothing is as tragic as a girl that gives in..