Monday, November 18, 2013

trust -- learned or innate behavior?

One of the main topics I write about is trust. i am not sure why, but it is as if i can write and write and write nonstop about it.  trust is a really hard thing. it's hard to win but super easy to lose. you can spend years building it up, and it's amazing how it can shatter in seconds.. when you put your trust in someone it means that you will expect them to do what they say they will do, which is usually something that you should be doing for yourself but rely on them enough to do for you.. Trusting in someone usually means that there is something they have that you believe you need, or something you have that you believe they can take away to cause you harm. You may not agree, but i have thought long and hard about this & this is def the conclusion i have come to and won't budge onto any other..

Truth is much trickier than we think it is, isn't it?

My freshmen year I already learned what two-faced and back stabbing meant. you couldn't find a person you could trust in sight. If you had a real friend that you could trust, it didn't last long, or at least the trust didn't. It was either some one said something, or boyfriends/girlfriends got in the way. it  could be that you were completely innocent but it wouldn't matter as long as the drama was made. a year long relationship could be ruined by someone you didn't even know as long as they swore to it. every time, its your fault. don't get me wrong sometimes your not innocent but I'm hoping you will have the nerve to admit when your wrong, i know i do... but your words well be scrabbled and screwed then they make a scene and when you don't stir back your "scared."

honesty is the backbone of healthy relationships. i know sometimes its hard to be honest, but when you are, people know that they can trust you and when people trust you... you will be able to go far.  emotions are powerful.  we usually don’t realize how much they affect our lives and the lives of those around us, but they lie behind every thing we say or do even though most of the time we are not aware of them.

remember the first time you fell in love? What were your emotions doing? Did you let things bother you or did you let thing slide? now think of your most heart wrenching break up. What were your emotions doing? Did you let things bother you or did you let things slide? our emotions affect how we see, hear or even do things, most of the time it’s immediately, however sometimes it affects how we see things the next day or a week from the event. usually we don’t even realize the power they have had on us.

this is why i put a lot of effort into controlling my anger the most. i sometimes say a lot of things i don't mean to and this makes me feel soo horrible at the end of the day. my boyfriend and i used to have some pretty bad fights, and we would say hurtful things quite often. we have since worked on that path of communication and he hasn't said something to hurt me in months, and we are still going strong. no matter how hard the situation or fight, it can alwaysss be worked out-- communication is key and it is very essential in making a path of understanding and a clearer future.

that's all i am going to right on that tonight. i lost a friend tonight over pathetic bullshit -- happened before but as you can see we didn't use our communication skills to the best of our ability and now we are in the exact same boat -- but you live and learn, right?

out with the old in with the new.

xox rica

Sunday, November 03, 2013

a look into my life xx

Hello my beautiful readers!

I have been slacking on posting so I want to get back into the groove of things. I do not know how some of my favforite bloggers do it with posting every week, even twice a week like Mindy at Broken Eggshells! Jeeezzzz girl, give me what ever you're having! ;)

So much is going on with me I do now know where to start. This year has been one of the most rollercoaster rides I have ever been through. It has also been one of the hardest. However you can't expect to swim to the shore without making it past the sharks right?

Let's start with some amazing news. My eldest brother had his second baby boy. I have him pictured below at two days old. He is like 'get that camera outta my face auntie-- no more!!" LOL

 My brother has another son whom is two years old, and I figured since all the attention is on his baby brother -- I would buy him some presents to play with so he does not feel left out!

Over are some of the items I bought him. The total was only like $70 at Target!!! And from the sounds of it, my nephew is getting my moneys worth with how much he plays with it all !! all smiles for auntie!!! b

The next thing I had on my busy schedule was redoing a horrific bedroom. I took a thousand pictures, but the main ones that are my greatest sense of accomplishment are the ones below.
Be ready to be amazed.
My boyfriend and I went to town on his bedroom.
It went from bachelor pad yucky man room to a room out of a catalog !!
We redid the floors, the walls, the furniture, all of it.
 Look for yourself with more pictures down below!!

The room is absolutely amazing .
But the transformation that is my absolute most proud feat is.....


are you ready for it ??!?!!? be sure, cus there is no going back !!! ;)

TO  ...... THIS!!!

It is breathtaking isn't it? we did it right in time for the fall colors to pop out in the forest behind the house. I love waking up to this every morning. It was such hard work but we pulled through doing it all ourselves with our own two hands. we appreciate it so much more than if someone else did it.
The best transformation of all was my closet.
Take a freakin look at this monstrous pathetic excuse of a closet!!

We went from THAT ^^ to a beautiful, vibrant, room that is sure to have your mouth dropped!!! LOL

I know, what a difference right? I absolutely love it. The closet is not yet finished. we are getting some organizers up, for clothes, purses, etc but the change so far is dramatic enough !!

Here are a few other pictures I took!!
view from the entrance door
Notice the new floors, the new paint on the walls, the black doors and trim--
we redid it ALL !!

     The closet doors and my wonderful new mirror <3

&& of course my enjoying the new room <3

I also bought a few indoor tanning items I really wanted. Now that it is freezing outside, I am going to the indoor tanning beds. I am actually writing a long and informational post on tanning and all that goes with it so look for it in the near future!

I bought a daily beauty maintenance pack from JWOWs line. It includes a face cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. It was $60 but again, you are buying the name more than you are buying the product. I normally do not do this, but I have been proven again and again with JWOWs products from her indoor tanning lotions to her bikinis -- she does only use grade a products.

the middle bright blue bottle is the Kardashian Glow tan extender. I really needed one. I have heard so many good things about tan extenders being useful for when you need to temporarily stop tanning, but want your tan to last throughout that time. I used it for vacation and it worked wonderfully. This was $80 but again. it is because of the Kardashian name. LOL

The last item is the Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening system which is my absolute favorite product of all three. You do not need to use this in a tanning bed only, you can do it at any time because it comes with its own UV light that you conveniently place in your mouth.

That about wraps up my new "life update" post !!

How are things going in your lives? send me the link to your guys' posts if you do any lifestyle posts like this! I love doing them as it gives your readers a look into the lives of the person behind the blog, ya know what I mean? it can make your readers connect more if they feel they can relate to you on more levels than just beauty. I also love to share such good news !!! ;)

This was soooo hard to do on my tablet, that is why it has taken sooo long but it is worth it.
thanks for reading loves!!

Rica xx