Sunday, January 25, 2015

what goes around comes around xx


i legit don't think my life would be complete if i didn't have a job to go to every day. i think working is one of the things every one must do. you never will know independence until you make your own money, live in your own place with no help from daddy, and pay for all your necessities and wants yourself.

this feeling makes me feel so alive and amazing. words cannot explain.

so i currently work at a car dealership in which I help run the finance and investments department. i'm only the assistant to the manager, but he is so busy playing computer games I am usually the one making sure things are going the way they should, and keeping  his ass from getting fired. which is probably why he pays me so well. LOL i am the assistant finance adviser whom handles financing people who wish to buy vehicles, as well as title work and sometimes sales.


The other day, I watched a girl named "Chrissie" come and interview for a sales position. She was tall, a little thicker, and was lacking any interpersonal skills whatsoever. It was kind of hard to watch and not laugh.

My manager, who is supposed to give the final yay or nay, was hardly even listening to her as she spoke, and was more engrossed in the baseball game on the big screen. As she maneuvered around the show room, showing off her knowledge of the cars in the lot, another new girl we recently hired who goes by the name Gina, stated aloud what we all were thinking. "That girl is out of her mind thinking she is fit for this job." Gina then began to nitpick at every little thing.. and while it was funny at first.. it later began to annoy me how mean she was being.

The courage and confidence required to come in confident to an interview, and then to work in a new environment, with professional females staring you down waiting for you to mess up, and all this especially in sales, is tremendous. So how could a female possibly be so judgmental towards another female when they face and have faced the same demons? I didn’t participate in the conversation and I kept my opinion to myself. Not everyone is meant for sales. To my surprise, Chrissie returned to the floor after she interview and sat among us. This means my manager said YAY.

Apparently her sales pitch was good enough. Then, one of my managers approached me and asked me to do something I have not done in a long time. He wanted to know if I could train her. i've always been the one to train employees who were new, but in this particular department.. this task holds soo much more weight to it than i was used to.

Back in the old days when I worked in a popular clothing store, I was always the one asked to get the new people accustomed to the sales floor. I demonstrated how to up-sell. I showed them how to put outfits together to get good sales, because we are females in the biz--we already have a higher chance on selling to males than males do. Believe it or not, I am right.

And the weird thing was, I had an absolute blast doing it. It was the most satisfying feeling to see my “students” succeed and go on to become great sales people. So you can imagine I was more than happy to sacrifice some money (there were already customers seated) and show this girl how to kick ass.

We took a tour of the showroom, and the service departments, etc. She even mentioned to me that the information I gave her was incredibly helpful. All I could think of was that I wish I had someone to teach me when I first started out. But then again, I took to sales the way normal people take to sports or music. I was a natural.

Chrissie ended up doing well that next day. And Gina?? Yeah, she was fired for lying to a customer about a car's engine problems leading to a sale.

Now that's some irony

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  1. are one of the most amazing woman I know. You are bright, intelligent and full of life!! I know you have come through some very tough times but you have done it with grace....not many people can do that.. I admire you and hope that you consider me a friend. I hope you know you can call me night or day. I will listen...not talk. I see the good in you and don't ever let anyone tell you different. Listen to your heart.....and know you are loved..... Mom xoxo


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