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Walk Better In Heels ! xx

Hello my lovely readers!

So it doesn't take a genius to know that any girl loves a pair of heels. it's like something every girl should own a pair of, and is definitely something every girl should have at least worn at one time or another in their lives. therefore this blog is about a few tips of mine i have for girls to tackle the only bad thing about heels ---- learning how to walk in them!!

so if you’re a ballet flats and flip-flops kind of girl, or even rocking Chuck Taylors every day-- you will come across one time that you will need to wear heels. Perhaps your BFF just called and needs you to stand up in her wedding, and that requires, *gasp*, HEELS! lol well, calm down chicadee. There is nothing to be afraid of.... for if you read on, you will find out how you can successfully walk down the aisle or down the street without hurting yourself, & even better --- to look good while you do it!!! =]


As with any project you need to start with a good foundation. One of the keys to walking in high heels is good, strong, solid posture. Make sure your body is relaxed and your arms are loose and at your sides since they will help you balance as you walk. You should be standing up straight, your head high and your feet facing forward.

Get Good well fitting Shoes

It doesn't matter if those shoes look good on you, if they don’t fit right you are going to look more like Bambi on ice rather than Beyonce at the Grammy’s. Start off slow with a moderately sized heel (1-2 inches) and then as you grow accustomed to them, up the size. Try to break your shoes in BEFORE you have to wear them. So they are better fitted to YOUR feet & you don’t wind up with blisters at the end of your night! Remember that you can always make your shoes smaller, but you can’t EVER make your feet smaller.

Make sure they have all the fixings

Your shoes a bit loose? Purchase padding for the inside heel and pad of your shoe, that will help them fit better. Soles a bit slippery? You can buy sole grippers at your local shoe store that will add the perfect amount of traction right where you need it. You should also consider buying gel insoles for a little extra boost to your heels comfort level


Slow and Steady wins the race

Relax your body. Take one step forward, leading with your hips, first toe then heel, distributing your weight as evenly as possible. I do it this way, but others would tell you heel to toe. Try to keep your stride small, making sure you are picking up your feet, not just shuffling them forward. Make sure that your feet are facing forward, legs are close together, and your knees aren’t bending any further than they normally would. As you grow accustomed to wearing heels, your body will naturally up your stride or speed.

Beware the road ahead

Even experienced heel walkers can have some major difficulties on various surfaces, so try to be aware of the surface you are walking on, and adjust your steps accordingly. Super slippery surface? Tiled flooring or boardwalks? Your heel could get stuck inbetween the boards so make sure that your stepping on the flat solid parts of the board. Cobblestones? Use extra caution as the stones are usually not big enough to put your entire foot on at once, and tend to be irregularly shaped.

There you have it ladies!!!!

my few tips to help you walk better in heels. this is mainly for girls who are just starting out. i am sure every girl will have differing thoughts, tips, opinions, etc and i would like it if you'd post those in a comment below (you dont need an account here to leave a comment btw) but these are just from my own experience as i have been wearing heels every day since i was a freshmen in high school.

xox rica

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