Thursday, January 15, 2015

a day in my life : )

I cannot  believe I am entertaining this girl, but I have some time on my hands so hey, why not ;) Let's settle the score. What I am doing with my own time is MY business and that’s it. i do not post, brag or inform the world of every little thing in my life because some things are private. I do not like to mention things until they are coming into fruition. I don’t want to hype people up until there is something to show for it. This is my perfectionism at work.

the only time I share things like this is when I am brought news with my modeling career. Well, I wouldn't be so quick to call it a career yet because I am not putting nearly as much time and dedication into it as I should, but when I am given good news about it I really like to share my excitement with my close friends and family, and that is the only time when I bring something up. Not only that but I like to keep a low profile, and I know once I come into the public eye I am going to have a lot of haters, and I don't want my modeling to end before it has even started.

Sorry for my loyal readers, but there is something going around that is annoying me and i just have to address it. I'm so tired of lames running their mouths.

my main point of this blog was to inform this hater  on some of the things i do on a day to day basis since i have crazy stalkers who are so obsessed with me that insist on telling you otherwise.

A: ADULT.  Aside from working a 40-50hr work week as an office administrator,  i also work part time at a spa.  so far so good, i really enjoy it and our customers! plus the discount on spa services is not too shabby as well ;) i will work until the day i die because i am very independent. i need to be able to support myself otherwise i don't feel right. i love having a job,  being at a place that needs me more than i need it. it feels good to make your own paper and be able to provide for yourself and the ones you love. you will never forget the feeling once you have truly felt it. i wish every one in this world can get to feel it. the first step is to stop making excuses for yourself. *coughhhhhh..

B: WRITER. I am currently working on 2 different publishing writing endeavors, one of them being  about a teenager going through relationship problems and suffering an abusive relationship while in and out of youth homes while the other is a sort of "guide-to surviving the female teenage years." It's humorous, and involves ideas on getting past peer pressure, sex, drugs & alcohol, finding your clique or friends, and most importantly.. finding yourself. I have a blog site that I constantly keep up with. I am always reading blogs too.

C: READER. i read. A LOT. i have a plethora of books i have yet to read alongside a big pile i have read at least five times each because I read almost every night before I go to sleep. i have developed a very high vocabulary from reading, believe it or not. i also think 95% of America should do the same considering half the world does not know the difference between "their, they're, and there." if i come across a word I don’t understand, I write it down in a notebook and look up the definition later. i am trying to teach myself to become fluent in Spanish & Italian too.

D: CREATOR i am getting more and more in touch with my creative side. I am constantly dreaming up new ways to create and use my imagination to the best of it’s ability, because to not would be a waste. my mother in law is a big help, and gives me lots of ideas. i recently started making my own holiday cards that i write and send out to family & friends, and i send one letter a week to my baby sister who is just starting to learn to read.i also am starting to make my own jewelry. i'll take pictures of what i have done so far, and maybe even create a tutorial on some things as there isn't much to it when you put your mind to it ;)

E: FITNESS my body is something i am very proud of. I walk daily. i used to walk my two pit bulls daily but since having to find them new homes, i've re homed an adorable baby boy i named Bruno. i don't jog as much as i would like to because i can't stand all the honks and whistles i get, it gets so annoying. i recently found a gorgeous path through the woods behind my house that has recently been worked on-- a park was built and i have been rollerblading on it every afternoon.Flirty girl fitness is something i have been really getting into as well.

F: CLEANER/ ORGANIZER this actually should say obsessive compulsive disorder haha (OCD) which really should be CDO, since that's the correct order the letters come in on the alphabet, but whatevs. i have this uncontrollable desire and need to clean and organize anything i see that needs cleaning or reorganizing. i clean out my huge walk-in closet and dressers every 6 months and drop off unwanted clothes to the salvation army drop off boxes. hay, anything I can do to help, I do, and I do with a smile on my face. I never pass up an opportunity to make somebody happy because it makes ME happy to give something that once made me very happy to a new young girl to draw a smile on her face.

G: BAKER/COOK/DECORATOR. i absolutely love food. i love to bake, i always bake cakes and brownies and cupcakes or muffins, anything under the sun =p for some one's birthday, or whatever holiday it may be --every one knows miss Rica as the one who will come with cupcakes. and not just any cupcakes. i make the most elaborate detailed designs ever. i am just THAT amazing.

thanks to bed bath and beyond for having the most coolest tools to help me out :)) i try to fit baking into my schedule once a week. this week i baked with my mommy in law-->

I: FRIEND. i am the most best friend you can have. when you need some one to listen to you, to not say a word, to not judge, and most of all to BE THERE regardless of what ever may be going on-- i will be there. even if you haven't gotten a chance to contact me in a year, if you call me up and need me to be there for you, i will drop everything and come. it all comes to support. whenever a festival, concert, show, etc arrives, and i personally know who is hosting it, i make it a priority to support my friends and show up for the entire duration of each because it makes me feel good to be there for them when they need it and want it.. not to mention i sincerely find true entertainment in it.

i think i will stop here. this is just a small glimpse into what i do on a day to day basis. So don’t you dare try to sit like a stupid, anonymous log and attempt to know even an ounce of my life because you happen to catch some random status of mine here or there. Just because we were friends on face book or what ever, you think you know me. You know NOTHING about me. It’s just ridiculous that people can assume such outlandish things.

My favorite are when these people like to call me ‘fake’. I’m sorry, I hate to break it to you… but I am as real as they come. The only thing fake about me are my acrylic nails. Thank you for thinking I have had my ass done. What a compliment to know i have implants in a butt that isn't really that big. it just looks big on me cus I'm tiny up top and have a very tiny waist. not to mention, if i did in fact get a fake ass, i would make  sure i got one that's firm and not jello like mine is!! lol

okay that is all, you  can go back to stalking my blog site and social media network pages since you insist on doing so :))

thank you very much *in my best borat voice*


  1. damn gurl u snapped on whoevea done pissed u off haha but then again u always do so aiunt nothin new hahahaha love u mamas xxxxoxoxooxx

  2. good shit girl. ur a good person

  3. Babe hater's will be hater's! And I too am so sick of everyone saying just because a GIRL-WOMEN has a BIG ASS that it must be fake!!!! Dumb Asses for Real!!!!! LOVE YOU HUNNY<3


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