Sunday, May 05, 2013

people annoy me

warning: this is going to be a very long rant on the types of people i cannot stand. yes, i know at least one person that belongs to each category i speak of. if you think it's about you, you're probably riqht :)

I'm DONE with dumb, self-absorbed, selfish, stupid, mind draining, mind sucking so-called 'friends', relatives, neighbors, etc. To them, THEIR life is the only life, THEIR illness is the only illness, THEIR child is the only child. Nobody in creation has ever been ripped off like them, back stabbed like them, hurt like them, pained like them, had a rotten childhood like them, had worse parents than them, had no parents like them, had a unique illness like them, had a holiday like theirs, had a life learning experience like them, had a bad boss like them - in fact, NOBODY has lived before in the whole of human history EXCEPT them. You get migraines - oh nothing like THEIR migraines, you have a problem - oh THEY had that happen but worse. I want to know something. How come they even know that anything was worse, better, more or ANYTHING at all when they are completely incapable of listening to anybody else for more than 5 secs. Their problems, their woes, THEIR fcken life story.

HEY to all those insensitive, selfish MORONS, if your life is so bad END it, if it's so good SPEND it, but leave me the hell out of it.

I can't stand two-faced people. I can't stand people who back stab. I can't stand people who lie. I can't stand people who have no spine. I can't stand people who only exist to make others feel less than. I can't stand people who compete for no good reason. I can't stand pretentious morons who have nothing to be pretentious about. I can't stand people who think they have all the answers after their life has proven to be a bleeding mess. I can't stand people who don't stand up for themselves. I can't stand people who ostracize those who do. I can't stand people who shrug at others' discomfort. I can't stand people who are hypocrites. I can't stand people who are selfish and self-centered. I can't stand people who never admit when they are wrong. I can't stand people who wreak havoc in others' lives and then distance themselves from the spoilage. I can't stand people who never understand anything you say to them, no matter how bluntly you make your statement. I can't stand people who behave as though you just killed ten grandmothers because you said a curse word, especially when they know it was deserved. I can't stand people who think Jesus is the answer to everything. I can't stand judgmental idiots. I can't stand people who only see the bottom line. I can't stand people who don't see the bigger picture. I can't stand people who are ignorant and want to be. I can't stand people who never heard of standing by a person, right or wrong, unless of course, they've raped or killed someone.. lol

I am angry that so many assholes get away with so much evil bullshit in this stupid world of ours. Why do things have to be this way? Can't we just build a big catapult and toss all the assholes out into space? Right into the sun so they can burn into ashes. That would make me feel a lot better, for sure. Of course, yeah, I know, some asshole out there is going to say, how do you define who's an asshole and who's not? well, for one thing, i have my own personal shit-list, and you'll just have to trust me, it's 100% accurate about all the people on it being assholes. But, okay, say that's not quite good enough for you (what are you, some kind of asshole or something?). say you want to at least test people before sticking them on the catapult, to make absolutely sure they're assholes. Fortunately, nothing could be easier. Here's the simple answer:

a: if someone is a fucking goddamn pathological liar, that's a prime symptom of assholeness.

b: if someone treats you like absolute shit absolutely all the time, that's them being an asshole.

c: if someone treats you nice all the time, but then goes and says something mean about you to someone else, then they belong on the honor roll in the hall of shame for worthless assholes.

d: just about anybody who works for a telemarketing firm is a stinky, hairy, shit-ringed asshole.

e: most large companies are all run by total assholes.

& i will stop there, i can go on &&& on but i don't want to overload the catapult. :)

i can't stand people who get everything and more, and never have to lift a finger. in today's society, you have to WORK to get money to support yourself and your family. and yet there are these people who live off their parents ad run around to the mall every day like the spoiled little brats they are. spending oodles of money on shoes they probably will only wear once.

&& lastly, what i really cannot stand are fake friends. friends tell you they're there for you, but when you try to vent, they get pissed off at you and turn it around so you end up comforting them. friends that say they will never judge you, but when shit hits the fans they talk so much shit about how fucked up you are. well news flash sweetie-- we're allllllll fucked up one way or another. && what i hate is when people assume shit and start talking shit when they have no validity to their statements at all whatsoever.

with all this hate, i still manage to have a heart of gold & wear a smile at all times.

especially now that my venting is over ;D

xox rica


  1. aprilnicole:)October 07, 2011

    I love this!! Exactly how I feel about my "friends" fuckkkk emm

  2. you got talent girl. ur smart n beutiful.

  3. mobb actionOctober 10, 2011

    lmaooo this is so funny. ur a trip miss rica!

  4. laughin beginnin to finish. ur one funny ass female, where hav u been all my life????? lmao

  5. its really not supposed to be funny. more like sad that i feel this way. no erase that, more like sad that society has caused me to feel like this.


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