Tuesday, October 20, 2015

to be or not to be .. a vegetarian?

After careful consideration, i have decided that i will enter the crazy cat lady phase a little early. why? because at times, I absolutely really cannot stand to be around people.

For starters, they can be selfish, FAKE, JEALOUS, and completely UNTRUSTWORTHY not to mention conceited, and egotistical. In most cases, females are all of those at the same time! how are humans capable of all of this? are our sophisticated brains holding us back from really living life? or do we need this sophistication to propel mankind into some kind of super era? because if you ask me... i'd say animals have the riqht idea. When you think about it, everything I need to know about life I can learn from watching my cat. -- eat when you’re hungry... sleep when you’re sleepy... and most importantly, when you see someone you love hurting...wait until they are done trashing the apartment before making an attempt to cuddle. -- lol

how many times have you heard the same old same old...
"I hate men, but I have a dog that i would marry if i legally could."

"i hate men, but i have five cats that mean the world to me."

"I hate men."

"i hate men."

"i hate men."

i truly believe a lot of this stems from bad experiences in childhood; therefore, many girls find comfort in the innocence of animals to sort of que them from those bad experiences. I think this is mostly because cats & dogs are incapable of judging people. And the most insecure girls get to really appreciate that factor the most. Why? Because when in the company of a pet, there is no need to suck your stomach in to make your boobs look bigger. animals don’t care if you have a little lisp or if you have an odd looking belly button. having that “break” from the pressures of society is revitalizing and relaxing, which is why i feel alot of women in the stripping/adult film industry become actively involved in PETA and vegetarianism. they simply get to the point where I am and that is the realization that there are no good and real people out there. It is truly a sad world. sure, the book “Skinny Bitch” completely horrified me, the documentary “Food, Inc.” made me physically sick, but it didn't stop me from eating meat. I don't think I can ever truly become a vegetarian.. 

Now onto the images. They are great aren't there? LOL They belong to PETA. PETA has been under fire for a number of years for using provocative images to advertise their cause. Mostly of celebrities posing nude such as the images above and below depict. I think this is pure genius. It gets people talking and nothing spreads information faster than a bunch of people that think they should feel offended. lol Let's face it, there will always be that one person who does. Below are some ads on google image search that I think are interesting and if this bothers you, I don’t give a fuck.

Now let's see another side..

men are better than animals because they don’t need to be fed, they clean up after ourselves, and they don’t try to mate with every female who waves her furry little end our way.

Oh wait, that only counts for 25% of the male population.

maybe if pets talked, women would hate them.. What if your rat terrier mix sees you scarfing pizza at midnight and says, “uhm yeah, becky. do you really need to be eating that, sweetie?

Or, your cat sees you sneaking in at 4 A.M. after a night out and angrily demands to know, “Where have you BEEN?! You were out with HIM again, weren’t you? Slut!

Nobody likes a controlling, possessive feline, but again, their small brains preclude this annoying behavior. most importantly, remember that your trusted pooch or feline CANNOT change a flat tire, care for you when you are sick, or wine and dine you on your birthday. i don't even want to get into sexual needs...

to get a little deeper, what if just... what if the animals were put on this earth for us to consume. hmm.. ever thought about that ? then by not eating them you are keeping them from fufilling their destiny. I must admit that there is nothing like having a large porterhouse steak brought to your table all sizzling and stuff and cutting into it and it cuts like butter. Slightly pink inside & the meat just melts in your mouth! (I’m talking about steak here you gutter-minded people ;) ]

what are your thoughts ? are you vegetarian ? when did you become one, why did you, and do you hate others who aren't? i personally love meat way too much to give it up...wow that sounded pretty slutty, didn't it? yeeesh! im on a roll tonight ;]

xoxo rica


  1. this is pure genius!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks! although I dislike anonymous comments, I guess I cannot get upset with compliments! ;)

  2. ur just to much lol so awesome

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    1. I think it may be your computer. No one else is having issues, nor am I. Please try again, hopefully it works out! Thanks for taking the time to check my page out, hopefully you can swing on by again!

      Rica xx

  5. Great post and photos! Your blog is lovely!


  6. Great post! I love it:)


  7. i love meat but hate to cook it. i get grossed out by raw meat. i tried being a vegetarian once and i felt cloudy for that entire year.

  8. I agree with you in most aspects, but you shouldn't stress over other people, just be you and do what ever makes you happy! I'm not a vegetarian, just because I'm skinny and I think i would loose even more weight, but my bff is and I advice her to be like that and support her 100%!
    Thanks for stopping by! You've got a new follower doll! XO


  9. I think your website loads perfectly fine for me!
    I agree with you in the fact that some girls are just so annoying and rude. I find females to be meaner than guys because we tend to hold grudges. For guys, I have noticed that they get angry with one another, punch each other and fight, and then they are over it. For females though we just keep trying to hurt each other. We don't even fight, but more like we try to backstab each other which is very painful!

    I agree with you post to an extent. I actually became a vegetarian when I was about 7 or 8 I think. I started because one day I saw what raw meat looked like and it scared the heck out of me! It was just bloody and gross and as a child, I vowed never to eat meat again... and I haven't since then. I do love animals a lot and as I grew older and learned more about where meat came from, I just felt disgusted and I couldn't bring myself to eat it.
    It's been ~10 years and I don't miss it that much. I think it's because I never really loved me as a child. My favorite food groups are dairy and fruit (and sweets if that counts!) so I don't feel like I am missing much. I am a bit grossed out by how they make milk and eggs, but I personally just could not go straight out vegan. Too much delicious foods that I love are make with milk/cheese/ eggs! I just try to buy the cage free eggs hehe.
    I don't hate anyone who is not a vegetarian because I think ultimately it is there choice. There are a lot of animals on the earth and if we didn't eat them, we'd probably have an over population of them and that would not be good! I'd just tell people to eat what they want to eat! (Trust me, I eat so much yogurt and cheese every day!)


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