Tuesday, August 04, 2015


People that let go in the beginning, i give you props. Because people who wrap their lives up in someone only end up broken-hearted in the end. So what if you fall into that group? The one time you let your guard down, you're proven right. The one person you've always relied on, who has always been there, says "have a nice life."

EASILY. you find yourself someone you don't even know, you chance without even realizing it, your views, the way you operate-- all of it has been busted.

it's crazy how people can put so much into you && take that much more out. you watch what you say, watch what you do, put all your energy into it;; falling asleep && waking up to the same thoughts-- && all you end up doing is breaking down in the process.

In creeps the paranoia, the fear, the pain-- which is all too much for a person to take. All it puts into you it hate... for everything around you.

All it does it show you the FOOL you are, the IDIOT who fell in love.

Fuck anyone who has had a problem with it, whose feelings were non-existent
&& now you're just stuckkk.....

You come out of your coma, but hate yourself for letting someone change you so much.


You wasted all this hopelessness.

that you were genuine with your feelings when he wasn't.

because it was all taken away, slipped right through your fingers without either of you noticing.


why the FUCK did i even try so hard?

Pardon my paranoia. I just returned from a trip to hell and I haven’t unpacked my baggage yet


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