Wednesday, January 06, 2016

new years 2015

2015, a year full of surprises- some good, some bad. What's important is to be able to reflect on all of it. We ALL have room to grow. We ALL have things we can change, things we are working towards, etc.

This year I have so much to spill that is different from last year and so much to be thankful for! In this year, I've found a sense of peace that I never before imagined existed. What was SO appealing to me last year does not even get a peek from me this year. The demons I was fighting last year finally gave up. We're on the same side now  (lol totally kidding.) Things that got under my skin merely scratch the surface now. While I'd be the first to admit that my life is stressful, I've learned that I can live each day with a sense of hope and I can remain positive about anything that may happen.

this new year keeps getting better and better as the days pass. i haven't had time for my new years' resolutions, but wanted to give an update blog on things that i really want to improve on this year, as well as a few words of wisdom I have gained from the past year.

i have realized if we wait until we are ready, we can be waiting our whole lives. you need to take that leap .. whats the most you can lose? no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. i have learned to ask myself .. "will this matter a year from now?" i saw a really funny picture that had a picture of a girl doing bad habits, and a quote saying "I'm changing for the new year" and the next year,, it had the same image of her with the same quote. How true is that? LOL we try to change but end up back in our ways. I am set on making changes, and following up with them throughout the year!

I have become closer to my family these past few months than we have in the past few years. things fell into place over a huge ordeal I had on my shoulders but like I said, they fell into place and things are not the best right now but they are headed in that direction. it is so nice to know I have people I can truly call family now. no matter how much you may feel you are doing the right thing -- abandoning your family is not the way to go. they are the ones who will be the first to catch you in your fall from grace. not every one in your family, but there will at least be one person who will. I found that out the hard way so do not make the same mistakes as I have.

my heart is so full. i am making and meeting new friends that have enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. it's awesome to have friends who are all about moving forward and being ambitious!

note to self::
you have enough . you do enough . you ARE enoughend of story.  i am on my way && i know the best is yet to come

Let's do this 2016 <3

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