Friday, April 15, 2016

what means the world to you?

loyalty && respect are the two most important elements to me. 

not to be confused with my most important tangible objects, people, or responsibilities. i read everyone && pay attention to things you wouldn't. i have an eye for observing && a knack for uncovering things people tend or try to hide. i study EVERY ONE. i like to know as much information as possible about someone, and i gather this information just from reading you. you spill out a lot about yourself with every movement you take && every comment you make. the type of clothes you wear and car you drive say a lot about yourself all the way down to what type of shoes you wear and whether or not they are kept clean.Image result for loyalty and respect
it's not right to make judgments, but get real-- it's human nature && what we all do! upon my initial first impression of you, i set a judgment on you. then i leave it up to you to disprove that judgment. do you? more than half of them times, no. i'm almost always right && when i'm wrong, i accept that. in fact, i like it when i'm wrong because it makes my last thread of hope that there are still amazing people in this world that consider loyalty and respect as important as i do.

one thing i won't do is ever desert people.. it has been done to me recently and it is a never ending worry that you may never talk to them again or ever find out what happened. Never desert your friends. the best we can hope for are good, honest companions. They stick by you through thick and thin and won't judge you based on your crazy family. life is better the first time around. often imitated, never duplicated. The original is always the best... but the worst enemies you'll face are those you bring with you.

i always go with my gut feeling. it never fails. when i sense a shady motherfucker, i'll be the first to watch the person on all he or she does. i won't call him or her out though. why? cus i like to see how far people think they can go. this goes for people who try to lie to me.. it's amusing. like i'm really that stupid && don't know. i've been turned onto a lot of the scandalous and manipulative ways people can turn down.. and won't for any thing in the world let my guard down. i always expect the worse from people.. and when they prove their best, that's when i let them in my circle.. but just because they got pass the outlying blockades doesn't mean they are into my circle of besties. they have to prove themselves more than twice. i'm a picky eater, but even more of a picky friend chooser and an even worse dater.

&& i'm not saying this to be cocky, but i am one DAMN good friend to have. i am down for all my girls. i will do anything to put a smile on their face. i don't steal, lie, or cheat when it comes to the ones i love. i am very knowledgeable on how scandalous people can and will be, this is why i never let my guard down.. because i have before and only got hurt in the end.

perhaps i'm just a cynical bitch.. i doubt it but then again if i were, why am i always proven right?

xox fee

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