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welcome to La Bella Vita x0x

this is my little corner of the internet where i can express all the thoughts that go on in this noggin' of mine. i'm very vivacious, and most definitely cannot be tamed. What I post is what appeals to me, what I'm going through in life, and just what goes on in this mind.

It will be random. It will be fabulous. & I guarantee it will keep you addicted.

i am new to the blogging world; however, I've been writing all my life. i love to keep records of my life. things i go through, stuff i learn, the types of people i meet, the multiple jobs i have and how i got them, etc. etc. why? because at the end of the year, i just love reading back on it. I ex-cogitate everything, i carefully plan every little detail of every little thing. It comforts me to know everything has been planned out, but it is exhilarating to know when it does not - and yet everything ended up ok!

My Blog name is Rica -- It's a pseudonym. i am Puerto Rican. & i needed something to go by because i don't always like telling people i don't really know or like my real name-- not to mention i really hate my real name. haha ;]


i'm very domesticated. I have always been told that; even as a teenager.

"You'd make one amaaaazing wife." 

I just love taking care of people I love and care for. I love to clean, I love to help others, and I love sitting back and looking at a clean and tidy home :)

i love the smell of a clean home as well, and am constantly lighting candles. I also love looking at recently vacuumed carpets.

refer to the picture --> :: see what i mean hehe


I'm grounded __ with all i have i must realize can be taken away at a moment's notice, well with no notice at all really, and we all should therefore count our blessings every hour of the day.

i 'm known for being the voice of reason & most wise among my group of friends.. i like to encourage people as much as possible. i write letters to family & friends very often, always letting them know im thinking about them. However I am also that "Live Life by the edge" girl, and will always encourage you to take the risk. Why?  Because that is what life is all about!

I'm a child abuse awareness advocate-- i feel strongly for helping abused children, and am determined to work as a social worker/advocate for neglected/ abused/ confused children as i can relate to what they are going through on more ways than most would ever think. check out my my blog post here for more info: Support The Cause  && Child Abuse Awareness-- Be Their Voice xx

I do wish to continue advocating for youths through volunteering efforts as best as i can, but time is so hard to come by. It wasn't until recently i started volunteering at Catholic Charities in which I get to do just that. i enjoy making people feel good about themselves, and pushing confidence back into girls who have lost their self-esteem, whether from a bad boyfriend, parents, or otherwise. I change it up a bit as to which department I am working in which varies by our services, and then divided into age groups. I must say my heart smiles the most when working with preteen girls. i can't believe how much i can relate to them. it brings back all those feelings i had at that age, and looking back now how i would've done and handled things differently. things that seems to horrible then merely scratch the surface now.

                        i live in Chicago. i will never love another city as much as i love this one.

i have a Chanel taste in make up, but on a Revlon budget. lol It is true! Even if I can afford it, I think it is absurd paying a high cost for a duplicate I can get at half the price! I am always buying new products though; so often that I haven't gotten the chance

to use even. i just love finding my 'secret weapons' when a specific product works wonderfully. then i share it with all with you :)

so this is a little about myself.

i would love to read others' blog pages, and learn about you all as well!

please don't hesitate to post your blog link as a comment here, and i will share my two cents at my earliest convenience!

[[ disclaimer :: this is my personal yet public blog..therefore i still hold a sense of privacy and thus may recreate facts that seemingly depict actual events but aren't the actual names, dates, or places. ]]

read it, but don't jock it.

"The things you own end up owning you." (Fight Club)

Rica Marie ...*


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    amazing post. you will be a great new addition to the blog world. welcome!

  2. love your outfit! excited about reading your posts :)


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