Friday, February 27, 2015

don't get it twisssted.

i'm definitely different from what most are use to, even though that seems to be a very "cliche" statement. Honestly speaking, if you have a 10 minute conversation with me, you'll realize I'm absolutely nothing you would have expected.

I love who I am and that's that. I'm as real as it gets you either like me for who I am, or look the other way and don't waste my time.

Bimbo? far from it.
I'm very energetic, unpredictable and very funny. making people laugh genuinely warms my heart like no other.
i laugh at my own jokes, will laugh at the stupidest jokes, and will purposely not laugh at your jokes to make you feel stupid. hehehe ;D

i always plan to exercise.

plan, key word. I start, then I see a McDonalds commercial, and give up. Or I see a mattress commercial, and go to see if my mattress is as soft as the TV one, then usually end up glued to it.

When I first meet someone I ask a ton of questions. I can figure you out within one minute.

I make up words like a 4 year old, call them "Felicianisms"

I'm also VERY sarcastic and I have a smart ass mouth but not in an offensive/immature/ or ignorant way. I very rarely run out of things to say. I can talk for hours straight, most of the time crazy stories I've witnessed or intelligent topics. I'm big on sense of humor, if you don't have one, chances are i won't like you,  best believe I will let you know.

I live my life how I want && not how others expect me to. I'm generally a nice person but I'm also a huge bitch when necessary...the simplest gesture can trigger a severe outbreak of unnecessary cruelty. So watch yourself. =]

I have always been interested in helping hurting children, and I am a Child Abuse Awareness Advocate. I don't go out as often as I use to, primarily because it got very old, very quick. Sure, when i was younger i thought it was cool to go out all the time but as growing up I've realized there's way more to life than just that.

Therefore, I replaced house parties and clubs with game nights, small bar drinks, theater plays, and movie theaters.

I have many goals and I am on my way of achieving them, if i haven't already.  I'm a very smart girl, just stuck between two worlds you'll never understand.

I'm very careful with the people I choose to be in my immediate life, and they have to now prove themselves to me that they are worthy of my trust-- i am not giving it out to girls i think deserve it any more cus obviously, that only came to bit me in the ass judging from the last friendship I had.

i used to be semi-naive, and trusted the wrong people...which led to being hurt and back stabbed. I'm a lot wiser now so i won't repeat those mistakes.

I'm sick of settling for less;; i deserve wayyy much more.

xox rica

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Incredible Bargain Shopper!

Hey Dollfaces,

ok ok ok..  so it is a given that I love me some great 5” or higher heels.  I can easily spend pretty pennies to have them, but love it more when i get a great deal on some gorgeous shoes! But the thing with me is, though I do love just about every pair of to die for heels on, the truth is they’re out of my price range. If I had the kind of money to throw around on the shoes i love-- that would complete my life on that site, I’d be a very happy girl! But, I don’t. && i accept that.

So I find other means. ;)

But once in a while, in a cruel almost auto-masochism routine, I torture myself by looking at or or as previously stated, and adding pair after pair to my cart, never being able to actually “check out” in the end. But it feels good to pretend. And today while enduring the agony of ‘window shoe shopping’ on, I came across a familiar friend.

$310.00 for an awesome pair of Rock&Republic heels. They’re to die for. Black and gray suede, perfect heel height. I can almost see my little feeties in them now. But $310.00 for shoes?

Ouch. never will i spend that much $ on a pair of shoes.

but then it hit me.. i've seen these shoes before! Earlier today, in fact! && being the bargain shopper that I am, i am a fan of for shoe shopping. Amongst the plethora of God-awful shoes on that site, there is the often occasional gem. This familiar shoe was one of them.

Now, the differences here are obvious.

The quality of the shoe on the left is much better than that of the right. The materials used, the craftsmanship, the sheer look of it. But in all honesty, does that really matter? Sure, if I had the money, I’d prefer the Rock&Republic’s on the left.

But the wonderful thing about my keen eye for bargain shopping, is that the twin with the learning disability on the right is only $20.60. Sure, you get what you pay for. But I am too cheap to care. The great thing about this site as well, is that you can order these shoes in other colors! An option Rock&Republic does not offer. I see no difference in ordering righty over there.

Now what did i just do?

 saved myself $289.40 on one pair of shoes! 

That is my favorite thing about my bargain shoe shopping. what some people would spend on one pair, I can spend on seven or eight great new pairs of shoes. don’t even get me started on the prices of those Louboutins…..

xo felicia

Monday, February 09, 2015

break up schmake up.. it aint no thang

I swear whoever wrote the lyrics to "breaking up is hard to do" was right on the money. unfortunately the odds are not in us ladies' favors when it comes to this traumatic experience, lol. in fact, most of us will experience at least one heart breaking break up sometime in our lines, and 1 out of every 3 female experience one that leads them to having mental issues that can severely affect her life. although no one can fully prepare you for and there are a few breakup words that will ease your pain, i can at least try to.. lol i'll always still believe advice goes a long way.

So listen up biiiiiits!!! here is how you can be closer to healing your broken heart.

Here are my stages of grief that i think girls will most likely experience throughout a break up.. the five stages of grief as they apply to a breakup that is:

denial: && "no it's not just a river in across seas". you deny the break-up has happened and isolate yourself from your loved ones. to help get through this stage, accept what has happened and don’t be afraid to ask for support from those who love you and are there for you.. i know you might not want to hear it but face the fucken truth && do it. without doing this first step, you will not make it to the second. you might tell yourself this is just a temporary separation; you’re bound to kiss and make up.

resisting the urge: i knowwww it’s difficult to fight the urge to get in touch with your ex, but you have to resist it. && yes, this means no making up excuses to see him (I have to get back my one sock back or you know he’ll be at that party on Saturday night). etc. been there done that .. and the visits only lead to super hot, yet amazingly amazing sex that gives him the upper hand yet again.You have to say NO.

anger: it's only natural to become angry with your ex and maybe even with yourself for the cause or circumstances of the breakup. personally, what i did to help deal with my anger was wrote a letter addressed to my ex, without the intention of giving it to him of course, cus i'd probably hit a nerve no girl wants to hit. It is amazing how you can really get down and dirty with your feelings, and how you end up pouring your heart out once the point of your pen leaks onto the paper. After you’re done, put it aside and come back to it another day, reread it once, then toss it if you want. i actually saved all of mine, mainly because i didn't really write them when we broke up because we only have once, but more so when we got into an argument or at a time i felt incredibly hurt by him.. i go back to them after a while and it's weird how i have a totally new perspective on things. this eventually lead to me keeping a journal of my feelings. Looking back on the things I wrote reminded me of our low points. I needed that reminder to get away from him, and stay.

Ladies, this method works best for me because i think writing can be incredibly therapeutic. i know most not feel this way, but obviously with my having my own blog site, i'm going to feel taht way.

bargaining: this is probably the most common thing females tend to do.. i can almost guarantee it, don't deny it. you bargain with your ex to take you back, telling him that you were wrong, what changes you’ll make, and so on. Or, you get others involved in trying to get him back for you. This stage often involves irrational actions such as calling him no matter how trivial the reason. i couldnt tell you how many times i went "oh well i stopped dressing like a hoe cus i knew that pissed him off more than anything. etc. come on. don't fall lame to the game baby girls! you have to be on top of it, have HIM come crawling back to you!

acceptance: this is about the final stage of grief i think we all endure. the female typically comes to terms with the breakup, and she no longer feels anger or deep sadness about it. While thinking about your ex is still normal, you’re able to move on with your life to be productive and emotionally healthy again. Some females have a hard time coming to this stage, I think it takes an incredible amount of strength and dignity to even follow through with passing this stage. With acceptance comes the ability to move on.

But you shouldn’t expect all of the above to happen overnight. It will take time, faith in yourself and a supportive group of friends and family to get you through.

the most important thing i can say ladies is back away from zeee ex!!! real talk! i know you're in the bargaining stage of grieving the demise of a what seemed to be an amazing relationship, so you may try to get in touch with him. But, there are two reasons why calling, emailing or visiting his crib is a BAD idea. why? because just because you convince yourself that your ex is thinking about you just as much as you're thinking about him. he's not. but the next reason is the more contact you have with him, the less likely you’ll be able to move on. Every time you write to him, talk to him or visit his house, you’re taking a step backward instead of forward. not only that but it makes you look completely desperate and gives him the upper hand.

i seriously only think of these two specific quotes when i think of getting over a break up and/or when healing a broken heart: “Time heals all wounds” and “Where one door closes, another one opens.” i know, kind of cheesy but absolutely true . while you may not be able to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel now, ii can guarantee that the day will come when you’ll know that your broken heart has officially healed.

good luck girls

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

so done.

 I just need to vent. Was it always just a dream? More like a nightmare.

What do you do when you love someone, and hope they'd change but they don't even see a need to change and therefore don't make any attempt to do so!

What do you do when you wish someone would just respect your feelings the one time you beg them too.

What do you do when you know better but don't do better!

What do you do when the relationship you are currently in becomes less of 50/50 and more of 70/30, and you don't have the upper hand.

What do you do when you cry your heart out every single night just for a slight change in things but no matter how many tears fall on his shirt he makes no attempt to even consider a change.

I view ANY experience that I can learn and grow from, and possibly help someone else grow from, as a positive thing but I'm facing my own internal struggles. Along with putting the weight of the world on my shoulders because I want to help everyone else, be there for everyone and not for a second do I stop and think , what about me? I've become such a selfless person with my time, money and my heart that a part of me feels that it's to a fault.. it's becoming my downfall.

Well pretty soon here, things are going to change. I am not letting anyone know my goals now, they'll find out after i achieve them -- and I am NOT going to be the one to tell them. If they think I am going to share my happiness over my success, they are out their minds. They don't deserve to share those moments with me, why? Because they did nothing to help me achieve it. I asked for a little bump in the right direction, to help me get this and get that,i didn't get SHIT. So I am closing this book; and chapter one of the my second book starts now.