Wednesday, September 25, 2013

judgment sucks xx

judgment sucks.

i know i say that too often. but it's freaking true. i always start with the belief that all people are good. i want to just have faith in the human race. people in general have flaws. if you wanna talk about flaws you are preaching to the choir, darling. you will always have the benefit of the doubt from me, until you personally mess with me. I've always been that way, but for some reason i think i have "sucker" printed somewhere on my body, because everyone seems to just mistake me for one.

so I'm going to fill you in on a little bit about myself. girls just love talking about themselves, and i am no different. i just feel i am different from many girls. but of course once i go into how i am different, any girl reading it will respond with "omggg we are SO alike, we are long lost sisters!!" which sure, maybe we are. but since when are sisters completely alike?

i could watch YouTube for hours, I'm obsessed with beauty tips and make up videos. and i can listen to music all hours of the day. i often tivo new or my favorite music videos to learn the dances. i research psychology like nobody's business, along with sharks and outer space when i'm bored. I'm awkward and obscene. i hate illiteracy, indecision, and heartbreak. i hate lies, ignorance, un-manicured fingernails and toenails, & girls who claim they're so insecure yet act like conceited sluts half the time.

At the time I initially wrote this blog, I spent a big part of my life worrying and keeping composure for people in the end who weren't who i thought they loyalty hasn't changed, my faith in a lot of things hasn't changed, but my faith in people has..I'm aware i don't take anything seriously anymore, but if u were to turn to someone and say "whats the deal with felicia"-- i am positive Ur not going to get an answer along the lines of degrading my name or rep..

i have always had one boyfriend my entire life. this has kept me out of sooo much drama. when you think about it girls get into fights these days over boys. its ridiculous, but the truth.

with that being said ...

welcome to my new blog about La Bella Vita ... which allows you to get inside my thoughts, my opinions, everything on my beautiful life.

raw & uncut.
xox rica

Monday, September 09, 2013

I'm Not Really A Waitress #NOTD xx

I had a good night last night. Not only was there finally a shitload of snow, blah but pretty :) but i woke up this morning with $100 extra in my pocket. I have no idea how either. Must've been the alcohol. yep, i shall blame it on that. Yeeesh. This is why I am glad I have a best friend i can trust. The only one I can trust, and having this person gives me the opportunity to get so shitfaced I won't remember the next morning. Because without this person, I would probably be a goody two shoes who will spend her weekends in a library.

Due to the state of exhaustion that my entire body is in, I am going to keep it light today. Maybe watch a movie or run some errands. Pet my cat. Oh, and possibly give myself a pedicure with this fabulous nail polish color I found.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in "I'm Not Really A Waitress"

Isn't that the greatest name? :)

Happy Hump Day.
xox rica

Sunday, September 08, 2013

forever 21 & charlotte russe haul xx

Whoever said there is no such thing as retail therapy clearly hasn't been to forever 21 and charlotte russe during their sales. i have been having a stressful week && after this past weekend, i am looking at the coming week with a smile ear to ear.  let's get started!! xx

forever 21 haul < 3

 brown dress;; I love the fit of it.. soo cute! I will probably layer a white jacket and wear it to work, or by itself with a white or black waist belt with strappy heels.

pink geisha like dress- I love flowy tops! this dress i'll wear least out of the three, but good to have one like this for a special occasion

maroon turtle neck ribbed dress;; I am going to wear these with my black knee high boots & black waist belt  with my hair in a high pony tail, and a bump it in!

grey dress;; this is my favorite of them all. can't wait to rock it at a work event this weekend !! black knee high boots or booties would look beautiful !!

red chain dress;; ever have your girlfriends get ready w. you, and they want to wear your dress instead of their dress? this is one of those dresses i'd lend out.

white tank;; This is all see through lace on the sides and the whole back, very sexy! i wore it by itself for my boyfriend last night-- had a little photoshoot ;)

purple lacey dress;; i got this for work-- really need to revamp my work wardrobe if you couldnt tell :)
green silk skirt ;; I already wore this with a beige top to work.. so cutee!!
black lace dress;; i'm kind of on the lace bandwagon, i saw that it is going to be a big hit this spring.

Flat white winter boots to wear with... EVERY THING! i have already worn the hell out of them,
I am such a fanatic about keeping them clean too!
ive worn them with leggings, dresses, jeans, pants, but not yet with skirts.

 charlotte russe ;;

gray dress for work events [[every weekend]] 
i can also wear the white and green dress to work, or with some flip flops to the museums in chicago!
the navy blue blouse has lace that goes all the way down the back. it fits very tight, but some extra space around the tummy area for girls who have some extra baggage ;-]
I am not sure which dress I am going to wear on my birthday because it is weather pending-- 
but I am glad I have a handful of options to choose from!!!

That wraps up my mini haul.  i only came out to spending $147 total,  which i think is a great deal.

[[ Rica xo ]]

Sunday, September 01, 2013

a few of my favorite things xx


i know i know.  who doesn't it make happy? lol so i wanted to make a post on a few of my favorite things. ya know.... things i cant live without, things i am in love with, and things i would highly recommend for all to use. which all of the items im going to list fall into each of those lol

so here's a list of  few of my favorite things via posting pictures of all the things i love and cannot live without =) most of the pictures i took myself, but there are a few i got off of searches.
enjoy ;]
***keep in mind i will be adding to this list and/or making a part two, so stay tuned ;] ***

notebook paper.i am constantly writing down my any list you can think of! i often carry this folder which serves as my little daily organizer. This one has my "to do list, grocery list/things to buy list, my short term goals list, my long term goals list, my research list/job duties list" && of course the more colorful, the better. colors are a great way to keep organized!

*** i will be making a DIY blog on "Daily Organizer Binders";; something i came up with to not only be organized, but to stay organized. I'll include how i make the binders, where i buy my colored notebook paper (& what to do when i can't find any in stores), certain binders, and all other supplies needed, and what tabs i use that work best for me, along with different lists/tabs ive thought of that i'll list for you to choose based on which fits your life. I'll also include the importance of having one, and keeping up with it, and the importance of using colors, and much, much more!!  Stay tuned for the blog this month!!!"

 make up brushes.

These are the two biggest vases i'd recommend using, I also have two small square ones, & 1 small circular one not pictured.
 i got the vases at the Target ($3-6.99ea) and the pink sand i got at Hobby Lobby ($2.99).
each of my vases have different colored sand.
For the brushes i have w/a brush on each end, I just lie down in my make up box/chest.
**i will photograph soon and show you all the vases i have.

fake eye lashes.

i just love wearing fake eyelashes. it makes me feel soo much more attractive. i get mine from CVS, Revlon 5-variety pack for $9.99.

i am obsessed with my apartment smelling good, and these candles do the trick perfectly. they stay lit long, expel an exuberant smell that makes me want to eat it all up!! haha ;) I get mine for usually $5.99ea at Bed Bath & Beyond, or Bath & Body Works.

brazilian keratin therapy.

okay ladies, if there is ANY hair product i would recommend, it'd be this. Brazilian Keratin Therapy makes your hair feel so amazing. I had really damaged hair, and I don't think I have a single split end any more. They are kind of pricey, but I'm telling you it's worth it. I get it thru my salon which has argon & morrocan oil in it as well, but most beauty stores have the ones pictured which I got from Sally's.

matching bra & panty sets.

when i leave the house, my bra & panties have to match. its an OCD thing, i swear. problem is i wear the same bra more than just once, so i have 10 of the same colored pair to match each diff color/design bra i have amounting to thousands of panties in my dressers lol

 Fiji Water.
Since ive been on this healthy kick, fiji water and myself have built a bond no pop could ever i drink two bottles a day, and sometimes even a third on my way home from work at 11 at night!
*not my picture

ionic blow dryer
black&pink + zebra print = rica rica rica.
lol legit my fav blow dryer ever. its so light weight, my long ass hair takes 15 minutes to blow dry. as you can assume my arms gets sooo tired after a while. Not this with bad girl. Not only is the heat warm (not super hot burning your ends) but it has an amazing attachment that helps keep the blow dryer at least 4-6 iches away from the head.


Charm Bracelets.
i am obsessed with making and wearing . i made this one for my baby sister for her 6th birthday.

jewelry is so easy to make once you get the hang of it-- i make about 30 % of my jewelry place

Garnier Fructis Volume Mousse

this stuff is a miracle worker. it adds volume like you wouldn't believe. Tracy DiMarco recommended it in one of her beaty vlogs, and we alll know Tracy's volume is one to admire. So of course I want whaaaatevs that girl has! ;=]
 i teased the heck out of my hair. it looked so fab < 3
not only that but it smells sooo delicious!
&& pretty cheap too! only $7.95  per bottle!

Skintimate Shaving Gel.

 Thisis perfect for those you who want perfffectly smoooooth skin--- use this!! I give & get massages often, and my therapists always tell me how silky smooth my skin feels. and i just know it's from using this amazing product.

 Mike's Hard Lemonade
since i turned 21 this year, ive been trying to find my signature drink. i've settled with wine coolors are alway nice since they hide that god awful taste of alcohol, but still give you that amaaaazing buzz =p

 dunkin donuts/ mcdonalds mccafe shakes

i get one of these on my way to work eery morning. they wake me up, and just ooses eith strawberry flavor. extra whippppp please =]

hair teasing brush.
this brush works sooo fantastically! it's a Spornette Little Wonder -- you can buy it online at any beauty site for under $10. it works so perfectly with teasing and back combing.

weezy f baby.
def don't know where i'd be with out weezy music to bump to errday. he gets me pumped, he makes me laugh---but i love him most for his sexual innuendos;; mainly cus my sense of humor is pretty much based on sex & sex jokes alone haha ;D

i've been a sucker for heels since i was a freshmen. while every other girl was rocking flipflops, i was rocking heels on the daily.

for my favorite heels, i did what is pictured (not my picture) and put them on a shelf on my bedroom wall. i still have a few colored heels i need to get, but so far my shoe collection is def one to admire.

of course this is going to be on my list... cus without money i wouldnt have a single thing on this list! lol its self-explanatory -- money is what i bust my ass for. i deserve all the loot i get && im on a constant hustle for it.

straight sexy hair smoothing balm/heat protectant.

this smells like strawberries, is a pink & black bottle which i LOVE ;) and it works so fabulously. i straighten my hair alot-- even to curl it which i do often as well. this acts as a barrier between my hair and the heat, therefore keeping my strands healthy and vibrasnt as opposed to burnt.

leg warmers.
there was a time when i wore leg warmers every day throughout the fall and winter. i am obsessed with them.

 i have a pair in every color, i really love wearing them with sweater dresses in the fall or winter.

 you can wear them over your knee high boots, or with closed/open toed pumps.

fruit smoothies.

i love fruit smoothies in general but Naked fruit smoothies are sooo yummy.
 this is soo very healthy for your body.

 i believe they are around $4 a bottle but so worth it.

they're super healthy, super yummy, and are sold in any grocery store near the produce section. They have various different flavors as well.

old perfume bottles.

am i the only one who collects all my pretty perfume bottles, even after they are empty? i like setting them up as a display cus they look soo pretty :) i set all of mine on a cake stand holder I got from bed bath & beyond, it's a round glass peice that really looks so elegant.

Flawless Fake Bake Tan.
 if you want the perfect tan but don't want to get skin cancer from tanning beds, and not enough time or patience to sit in the sun --- use this product!! it's my secret to my glowing tan. not only does it smell good, but it smoothes on soo evenly, I cannot get over how great and easy it is too apply it.

 it comes with a professional mitt too. it is kind of on the pricey side at $25.00 per bottle at Ulta, but probably online you can get it for half that--- but defff worth it!


this is a current pictures of my latest, but I seriously am a magazine addict. i have to buy any latest, and have about four subscriptions to popular magazines including cosmopolitan & people, and even more catelog sibscriptions.

i am very artsy crafty, and am always looking thru mags for things to cut out to put on a poster or in my scrapbook. =)

O.P.I. Nail Polish

this nail polish is obviously known for being non chip, and having the best colors!
They have any color you can think of, and i have about 30 of them! my nail polish collection has expanded tremendouly within the past few months.

victoria's secret beauty products.
the body spray, body butter & body lotion sets are so amazing. not only are they very affordable (which very rarely do you see that word in the same sentence  w/Victoria's secret lol) but they are good quality as well. the fragrance lingers on your body for hours, the body butter moisturizes your skin so intensely, & i can't begin to count how many compliments i get on how great i smell. my favorite is Endless Love(blue liquid bottle) Strawberries In Champagne (purplepink pictured) & Love Spell (purple body butter bottle).

hand sanitizer.
because i am SUCH a clean freak and germophobe, i have hand sanitizer in my purse/pocket at all times. not only that but im constantly washing my hands.

 this also results in extremely dry skin, so that leads to me carrying lotion around at all times too!

fav store sales.

not only sales at stores, but my favorite stores!! nothing makes me smile bigger than when i get the biggest bang for my buck.

 this is especially satisfying when it happens at Victoria's secret since they are normally pretty pricey!

fun slides.

oh em gee. i know this isn't necessarily a thing, but def one of my must do at any festival/carnival/ theme park. fun slides have always been my absolute favorites enter to win. well that one & the big Egyptian boat hehe =P

comfy boots

uggs, ugh, are so comfy. i can wear them with almost every outfit as well. i like all different colors--all different materials, etc.

the ones pictures are black sequenced.

a cheaper knock off version are available in the Avon catalog for only $14.99 !!!

okay ladies & gents i am fiiiiiiiiiiiinnally bringing this to an END! i know, about time! Thank you to alllll of my readers who truly take time our of their busy schedule & read each and every blog post i make. i put a lot of thought & hard work and time into them, and it is sooo refreshing to see people leaving comments, showing some love, etc!

at stated in the beginning, stay tuned for a part two !!!

rica xoxo