Thursday, August 22, 2013

my favorite good girls < 3

hello my lovelies <3

one thing you may not know about me is that i absolutely love my fellow chicas! I can really appreciate a beautiful girl when i see one as opposed to most girls' natural reaction of instant jealousy---I instantly spit out a compliment because you never know whose day you can make with a simple compliment!! I think girls who cannot compliment other girls have some sort of serious inferiority complex. Perhaps it is because I personally am very confident, so I have no problem telling another girl when I see one how gorgeous she is looking, or how much I love her hair that day, etc

any way, the main point was a post about all of my girl crushes. i have a quiteee a few. If the world did some gnarly Freaky Friday shit tomorrow and made every girl a lesbian, I’d pray to God I could get stuck with one of these yummies.

However, in order to prevent this post from being super long and picture heavy, I separated this post into two separate posts; this one being the list of good girls I admire, and the next being a list of bad naughty girls I admire. the parameters of which these females have to meet in order to be considered 'good girls' vary from female to female as some of them may have had a bad girl past, but are currently very inspirational, not involved with any thing illegal or in Hollywood's horrible "party scene" and when you see their name, nothing related to any scandals or huge headlines come to mind. You get the idea? Good, let's get started, shall we? ")

Kate Beckinsale

This woman is such an amazing woman. She is involved with so much GOOD, I don't know where to start. She is involved with a lot of charity work, mainly charities for Heart disease and Animal Cruelty. She is more so a action heroine actress.
She stays out of the limelight for the sole purpose of providing a life as normal as possible for her only child, her daughter Lily. She has only been with three men her entire life, and does not do any nude work.
She is just a beautiful person inside and out.

Maria Menounos

She is a T.V. personality, and I have always thought she was very pretty. Every time I wanted to do some thing new with my hair, I always look her up to see what she has going on because she ALWAYS has an absolute perfect hair style going on. Clearly -->

Eva Longoria
she has been my all time favorite latina, from even before desperate housewives. she was a soap opera star and that is where I first saw her and fell in love. She is now one of the most known actresses in shows and movies, and huge food enthusiast including owning a restaurant Beso. She's a diehard Texas fan, and very much involved with charities due to her younger sister who is mentally and physically handicapped. she is a tiny little firecracker and so sassy. I love her!

Cheryl Cole

She is a HUGE singer in the UK, and also a judge on the X factor. She is very similar looking to Eva Longoria I think. She is so gorgeous to me, I really love her looks, her demeanor, the way she carries herself. All of it.

I am not a huge fan of all of her music, but I like some of it. She is the mentor of infamous "want you back" singer Cheryl Lloyd.

Charlize Thereon
Wow, talk about a woman who can transform herself into any thing she commits herself to. Charlize is a true chameleon. she defied preconceptions to become one of Hollywood's most versatile actresses by being able to adept at comedy as  perfectly as she was at drama like her portrayal of the serial killer Aileen Wournos in "Monster" --one of my favorite movies.

I am not that big into light hair and eyes on women (obviously given the dark beauties posted above) but she is that one exception I cannot ignore. I have yet to find a flaw in her statuesque figure, piercing eyes, and perfectly symmetrical face.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

This girl is my favorite girl in Hollywood. My absolute favorite actress.

Her performance in Heart Breakers was what drew me in, and I have been hooked ever since. Not only am I absolutely addicted the The Client List on Lifetime both the TV show and movie (have both!) But she is just the epitome of perfection.

Even when she was very heavy, she never succumbed to Hollywood's pressure of losing baby weight super quick, etc. she said FUCK YOU and did her thing!

I really love her without the bangs she has been known for -- this hair style is perfect for her face shape I think.

I know I’m missing a lot, but this is all my 1 a.m. brain can muster up at the moment. Notice I have this freakish obsession with exotic women-- dark hair & dark eyes. Not just because I have dark hair and eyes, but i think they are just absolutely stunning. Of course there are a few exceptions such as Charlize Theron ;-)

Given the fact that there are so many, I think I’d have maybe a C+ shot at nabbing one of them if this Freaky Friday Armageddon should ever occur, no? C+ is not so bad, at least it is passing. haha!

All jokes aside, I think beauty has no definition. It truly is in the eye of its beholder. Every culture has a different definition for what they consider beautiful -- and what may be downright gorgeous in one culture, can be ugly in another. What is most important is just to be Y.O.U.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the shark week craze

in some ways, the Shark Week obsession makes sense. it's almost like a safistic fascination with horror stories of surfer boys, children, marine bilogists, or fishermen turning into chopped liver. it's one of those so disgusting but can't stop looking type gigs.

... i cannot get enough.

Shark week is not only about the gory stories though. it also is very very informative. i see shark week as a chance to shed light on the difficulties faced by sharks in the wild. for instance, did you know that more than 100 million sharks are killed around the world each year by commercial fishing. also that sharks alongside crocodiles are the world's oldest living animals believed to be older than dinosaurs? they've been on this planet for billions of years.

Not only that but let's face it.. sharks are awesome. I mean, how many other people know that sharks have five 15 rows of teeth in each jaw? Or that a lot of weird things have been found inside sharks, such as a nail, a bottle of wine, a treasure chest, coats, a suit of armor, a drum and a torpedo. Oh and a question: What is more dangerous to people - a shark or a wasp/bee? Answer: wasp/bee!! Every year, 100 people die from wasp or bee stings, yet hundreds of millions of people go swimming, and sharks kill only about six people worldwide. Only about 25 sharks have been known to actually attack people. Every year, people kill thousands of sharks. They are killed for food, oil, skins and sport.

Here are some other things i learned from shark week 2011...

a:: the way sharks breathe is by ram ventilation, a process that forces water into their mouths and then processes it as they swim forward.

b:: it's a shark-eat-shark world ...parents sometimes eat their embroyos and even the babies, once they develop teeth they eat their brothers and sisters who are not yet developed. . yuck!! it's called intrauterine cannibalism. i'll never forget. haha

c:: Every once in a while, a female shark can reproduce without any contact from a male, an act known as parthenogenesis. Scientists have only documented a couple of cases of parthenogenesis, but some suspect that just about any female shark can get pregnant on her own in the right circumstances. (More on virgin shark births.)

here are some interesting links if you would like to jump on the bandwagon and wait all year for shark week 2012 !!! :D


About Shark Week: