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hiiiiiiiiiii, i'm rica marie. xx

i'm a 26 year old  puerto rican female whose still trying to find her way in this world, and documenting my experiences && thoughts in this nifty little blog. i'm sure you'll be as addicted to reading my posts as i am to writing them =)

20 things about your girl ;;

1. i'm a high heel aficionado, lip gloss lover, and obsessed being an extreme girly girl. i like to think i leave a bit of sparkle every where i go && I don't let ANY ONE dull my sparkle.*

2. i have a Chanel taste in make up and hair but on a Revlon budget. lol yes i I can admit it! i am addicted to anything beauty related. i am always buying new products soo often that I haven't gotten the chance to use even. i just love finding my 'secret weapons' when a specific product works wonderfully. then i share it with alll of youuu :)

3. i am a total book worm. this is always surprising to most. i always say i'll only read one or two chapters of a book & then i get comfortable on my bed and end up spending the entire day/night reading the entire book .. lol could be why my book collection is one to admire, and def one of my many collections i am very fond of. ;]

a few of my favs:

4. i'm a spelling & grammar freak; and am always the first to notice spelling errors on billboards, posters, signs, and the like;; however, this is not to be contradicted by my internet lingo i type in on thi blog especially, as i use abbreviations, contractions, and anything else to keep my typing quick when writing posts. after all, my fingers have to keep up with the infinite amt. of thoughts leaking from my mind lol you will also always find "xx" at the end of most of my sentences. it's kind of a trademark of mine I've been doing since my space first came around xx

5.  my education is very important to me. i thirst for learning new things, and if school were free, i'd take all the classes available because knowledge is power, and i feel very good when i am able to initiate intelligent conversations.. that's the type of confidence every one should feel at least once.

6. i hate liars, thieves,  idiots, indecision, filth, and being hit on in public after clearly showing NO interest the first ten times the guy tried to get my attention. people who lie compulsively, and obviously-- and continue to lie after you've called them out on it. people who steal are the bottom feeders of this society.

7. glitter and leopard print are both my absolute favorite colors-- yes they are colors! I decorated my new apartment from scratch with all browns/blacks and leopard print. I have black furniture, and a lot of accents that all make the rooms come together so well.

8. creativity wants to burst at my seams. i'm a huge scrap booker, even bigger arts and crafts gal. i am always working on a project, and spend half my paychecks at hobby lobby and Michael craft store.

9i'm often considered an asshole to those who don't comprehend my verrrry sarcastic nature, i relate every thing to sex, and turn every bad situation into a laugh ;; but i can guarantee you won't meet a bitch sweeter than me.

10. i 'm known for being the voice of reason & most wise amongst my group of friends.. i like to encourage people as much as possible. i write letters to family & friends very often, always letting them know im thinking about them.

11. i'm a huge child abuse awareness advocate. i do everything i can in order to spread awareness. check out my my blog post here for more info: Support The Cause  && Child Abuse Awareness-- Be Their Voice xx

12.  i document every thing. i have a daily journal where i document things that gave me a big emotional impact--whether happy, sad, shocked, etc i document all the opportunities i have had--jobs, modeling gigs, etc. i'm currently writing a post on my central command binder i document all of my favorite sayings and quotes in a separate binder i made myself. i would love to bury a time capsule one day :0)

13. i talk a lot of shit, change my mind a lot, & plenty of people dislike me .. but one thing you will find is i'm as real as they come. & that my friend, is something that cannot be duplicated no matter how hard some females may try. ;]

14. i'm a germophobe, and an insane clean freak. it's almost to a fault at times. =[ i Lysol and febreeze everything in my house, as i am obsessed with smelling good personally as well as my apartment & car smelling fresh too. I damn near have OCD with organizing and cleaning things/rooms. i can't control myself when i see filth, clutter, or files all over the pl

17. i have this huge fear of bugs...any kind-- even ants! only thing worse than finding a spider in your room is losing one in your room!! However, i feel bad when some one kills them around me though because i think their mama bear is going to come get me lol

18. my sister is the most amazing gift God has blessed me with. Ive gotten so much closer to my family this past year, and for that i am forever grateful. 

19. my digital camera goes everywhere with me. i love pictures~ Cheese. 

20. i hate waiting but hate being rushed even more. This is especially so when I am getting ready for the day in the mornings. I have a routine and have to do exactly it otherwise I go crazy!


[[ disclaimer :: this is my personal yet public blog..therefore i still hold a sense of privacy and thus may recreate facts that seemingly depict actual events but aren't the actual names, dates, or places. ]]

read it, but don't jock it.

Rica Marie ...*


  1. <3
    love it hun i wish i your passion when it comes to writting my music would be 10x's better...
    Don't Ever Stop Expressing your feelings.
    Much Love Always ~Lep~

  2. Love Your Passion For Writing I Wish I Had Half Of What You Have For Writing My Music Would Be 100 x's Better. Don't Ever Stop Expressing Your Feelings Or Let Anyone Hold You Back From Itt
    Love You Always, John

  3. you are a genuine person and people really should respect you just for your writin skill alone. you have a gift and should really focus more on it. you will go far...

  4. hi, i am new to ur blog and just want to say i admire all you write about. u write on topics every young girl can relate to and on top of that u are very funny. great sense of humor, keep up the good work. i will be checkin in on u more often. thank u for ur time.


  5. Hello Rica,
    I am leaving another comment to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. Never stop please, as I think you can help alot of people in this world who are going through the things you write about.


  6. hey rica,
    i see alot that website is bringing alotta traffic to your page!! i told you!! lol glad to see you gaining more readers. i told you it would come. writers like you need to be spread as fdar as possible as you can help people get through alotta situations theyre going thru. u have been there before, so u know first hand. keep up the good work my dear. im here if you ever need any advice on blogging!!

  7. Ok Ok, I will stop stalking your page! I just can't get enough. You're writing is so funny yet thorough. You tell it like it is, and are so relatable on so many levels. Now I must work on my own blog!!

    Rachel Marie

  8. hey gurl, just wanted to drop by n let u know u are doin ur thang n doin it well gurl!! i really like the posts to ur haters, u snap!!!!!!!!! id hate to get on ur bad side lol tear my ass apart wit dem claws u got lol but aight u take care now


  9. one of the best about me paragraphs i've read on the internet. you work well with words lol


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