Friday, February 27, 2015

don't get it twisssted.

i'm definitely different from what most are use to, even though that seems to be a very "cliche" statement. Honestly speaking, if you have a 10 minute conversation with me, you'll realize I'm absolutely nothing you would have expected.

I love who I am and that's that. I'm as real as it gets you either like me for who I am, or look the other way and don't waste my time.

Bimbo? far from it.
I'm very energetic, unpredictable and very funny. making people laugh genuinely warms my heart like no other.
i laugh at my own jokes, will laugh at the stupidest jokes, and will purposely not laugh at your jokes to make you feel stupid. hehehe ;D

i always plan to exercise.

plan, key word. I start, then I see a McDonalds commercial, and give up. Or I see a mattress commercial, and go to see if my mattress is as soft as the TV one, then usually end up glued to it.

When I first meet someone I ask a ton of questions. I can figure you out within one minute.

I make up words like a 4 year old, call them "Felicianisms"

I'm also VERY sarcastic and I have a smart ass mouth but not in an offensive/immature/ or ignorant way. I very rarely run out of things to say. I can talk for hours straight, most of the time crazy stories I've witnessed or intelligent topics. I'm big on sense of humor, if you don't have one, chances are i won't like you,  best believe I will let you know.

I live my life how I want && not how others expect me to. I'm generally a nice person but I'm also a huge bitch when necessary...the simplest gesture can trigger a severe outbreak of unnecessary cruelty. So watch yourself. =]

I have always been interested in helping hurting children, and I am a Child Abuse Awareness Advocate. I don't go out as often as I use to, primarily because it got very old, very quick. Sure, when i was younger i thought it was cool to go out all the time but as growing up I've realized there's way more to life than just that.

Therefore, I replaced house parties and clubs with game nights, small bar drinks, theater plays, and movie theaters.

I have many goals and I am on my way of achieving them, if i haven't already.  I'm a very smart girl, just stuck between two worlds you'll never understand.

I'm very careful with the people I choose to be in my immediate life, and they have to now prove themselves to me that they are worthy of my trust-- i am not giving it out to girls i think deserve it any more cus obviously, that only came to bit me in the ass judging from the last friendship I had.

i used to be semi-naive, and trusted the wrong people...which led to being hurt and back stabbed. I'm a lot wiser now so i won't repeat those mistakes.

I'm sick of settling for less;; i deserve wayyy much more.

xox rica

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  1. i love what u wrote here. ur personality seems very muych like mine. do u have a facebook account where i can chat with u more?



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