Monday, December 16, 2013

new years eve dresses xx


woo! who is as excited to get the hell away from 2013 as i am ?? i was recently invited to this huge N.Y.E party, and after going through my wardrobe, i just said "forget it-- great glam it is" is a website with the most gorgeous dresses, shoes, any thing glam for the very cheap! i have known about it for quite a while, i figured it's time to share one of my best kept secrets (BTW def thinking of creating a blog hop on "best kept secrets" LOL ) all the dresses i am listing below were between $25-30 each. now remember i was opting for a more calm, but sexy look. I didn't want extreme patterns, or bright bright colors because it is a black and white party. i went for a more subtle look because quite frankly i am so sick of all the stares. haha

This is an all black jumpsuit that i know is kind of 'out there' if you knew any thing about my style. lol i am considering it for it's warmth, as well as to play it up with accessories. i was thinking of my bright red waist belt with the matching close-toed pumps i have in red as well. Of course a red-matte lipstick and black eye make up.

I see this type of style on Kim Kardashion a lot. She does the whole waist accentuated bit. i want it because i have a very round bottom half, and think this dress would make that look a bit more ... tight? lol

Unlike the model, I was thinking a tight pony tail with a bump-it oomph, long dangling sparkly earrings with black pumps.

Unlike the model, my chest is very far from bulging out. i think because of that fact this dress would look sooo much more fabulous on me. I have black pimps with leopard print on the bottom sole that would do perfectly with this. Black dangling earrings and bangles, no necklace.

Again, minimal chest thing works to my advantage with these types of dresses. i really like being able to breath but yet keeping my curves in check lol This isn't one of my favorites, but definitely a consideration because i have metallic bangles that would match nicely with the metallic stripes on the top.

This is one of my favorites. I just love the sleeves. Not to mention I have a waist belt just like the ones on the elbows. Hair straight down, a minimal necklace and my sparkly pumps. they kind of have a gold tint to them though so i may just decide to do the black pumps.

Okay I think I narrowed it down enough. Can my beautiful followers help me out by picking your favorite one ?? Also my "ideas" for what to wear and howto accessorize the outfits is deffff up for debate as well.

Help me out mamasitas!!

xox rica

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

my year long wish list

i am currently writing a blog post on my "Life Update" which will inform you all on my new job I got. I am on a new path and with that comes new EVERYTHING. Here is my wishlist!

Items Added: November 2012

First are things I really need, then are things I prefer to have, and lastly beauty items I really want:

[ x ] apartment

my new job requires me to move a lot closer just so it's easier on all parties involved. lol i found a very nice complex that i am ecstatic about moving into. move in date is december 15th 2012. I'm renting a two bedroom one bath because i have a lot of over night guests, not too mention i need the extra storage space. The picture above shows the pool which is right outside of my balcony. It also comes with a fitness center, spa, sundeck, computer room, and a bunch more. i think i should just make a separate post on it lol include pictures of my place, the move in, and all that good stuff ;)

 [ x ] new vehicle

i currently drive a jeep liberty, and hate it. my boyfriend paid 13k cash for this car, and I was in school at the time and was so upset I wasn't there to deter him from buying it. He really likes it though. I want a small vehicle with better gas mileage. One of the perks of the job was either a new apartment or a new car, I picked the apartment. && I will just sell my current car, and buy a new one with my own salary. I have no idea what I want, as there are soo many choices. It's definitely going to be a new car, but undecided on a small car or a small SUV -- so either an acura TL as pictured or an Acura MDX. Something similar to that..

[x] expand make up collection

I've already started doing this. I've graduated from a small basket holding everything (above picture to left) to five different containers holding each type of make up individually. For instance, all my mascaras are in one, lip glosses in the second (see pictured to right), and so on and so forth.  I'm making a blog on make up storage as i have a make up forever storage kit on my amazing wish list i am going to get very soon. i really like the make up kits they have at sephora, etc. too... one of those would be ideal for all my make up storage!! 

[x] shoes shoes shoes shoes

i have always been obsessed with a good pair of heels. you think diamonds are a girls' best friend? try buying heels for her, and see her eyes light up. I'm currently obsessing over thigh high boots--- ohhh weee! but will soon expand my shoe collection from just this one behind the door rack to hopefully a few of them!!

[x] expand nail polish collection

i legit do this on the daily. i am always walking out of a store with nail polishes in my bag. i just bought the above pictured in august, and have only used the two dark purples for fall season. I also have all my nail polishes on a spice rack i got from Ikea. #Resourceful =] i have an obsession but thankfully nail polishes are so cheap so it's ok

[x] GHD hair staightener 

I already have an amazing Platinum straightener pictured to the right and it works amazingly well!! However this GHD one i really want because not only does it come in an adorable little case, but you can seriously fit it any where and i am always wanting to touch up my hair throughout the night at events, so this would be perfect for me to do just that.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Drug Store Everyday Item Haul xx

 Hello beauty queens !!! since I have been slacking on posting I am determined to get my ass in gear and post all the blogs that have been drafts for months and months. LOL I am on a roll, I already finished four blog posts! see what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it? ;)
So I wanted to share a quick haul of quick, affordable, personal items you can get at your local drugstore. I desperately needed new everyday panties, and every day make up products. 

Check them out below !!

I have been having a very hard time finding a good, thick, winter cover up that is not going to make me look pasty or gross. 

Image result for Just Face It by Hard CandyI bought the Just Face It by Hard Candy because I have used the Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer and fell in love with that product.

I am hoping the cover up will be of the same consistency however due to the fact that I have gone through over four different foundations and have not been fully happy with any of them-- I am not counting on it. 

has any one used this foundation?

EDIT: Now that I have tried each and every product, i will share my review. Just Fact It by Hard Candy:  

Only thing I liked about this product is that it provided great coverage. 

However, the strangest thing is these little flakes of what looks to be plastic were all over my face after application. 

It doesn't make my skin break out, but it does last all day. this foundation does NOT work well with contouring/blending. 

Any blending at all, it also dries really quickly. I used the medium (363) shade.

Image result for Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation
I tried the Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation, and was not happy with it at all. I knew it was going to be a light consistency -- just not THAT light. I felt like I got barely any coverage. It's greasy, dispenses only huge amounts at a time, doesnt stay on, and again, the coverage is poor!  

I will NOT be repurchasing this product.

The Loreal True Match Natural Powder is one of my all time favorite holy grail products in which i have reviewed before. nothing bad to say about that product other than I wish the brush was softer :)
my shade is natural beige 

Wal-Mart panties are actually some of my favorite panties to wear. LOL It is hard to believe, but they fit nicely, last a long time, and some can be very sexy and sultry ;) They are only like $2.99 each so I always buy 5-10 pairs at a time. I bought 7 pairs above, along with No Nonsense 6 pack of white and black socks.

Two new mascaras
One is the Loreal Telescopic which is a very comb like brush to add length to your lashes.  This mascara barely clumps, the brush is  ideal for lengthening. One thing I would note is that if you were looking for a lot of volume in your lashes, this mascara won't give you volume. That is why I also use ....

The other Maybelline falsies mascar! THIS mascara is the volume queen bee. LOL it applies evenly, does not clump, and is a perfect combo with the lorel telescopic. Only negative about both is that it is very hard to remove them at night time. 

Three new lip glosses!!
Rimmel London Show Off Lacquer -- Shade: Light Year. this gloss is super pigmented, very glossy, and i found myself wiping the outside of my lips every five minutes because it just did NOT want to stay ON my lips. Perhaps it would work better going over a lipstick so it has something to latch onto. Besides that, the color is gorgeous!

Lip infallible and Loreal Truffle are two simple glosses I use for every day events.

Two new lipsticks !! 

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr matte lipstick in Beige Foregood -- this is one of my holy grail products. Be sure to exfoliate your lips prior to any matte lip products as if not, your lips will look gross. I love the conveniant little container, they have great color selection-- long lasting, and very true to color. Only con would be some of the colors I like have shimmer in them and others do not. I wish they had it all universally the same with or without shimmer, as I dont like the shimmer part. Drying Shimmer doesnt feel right.

Revlon Color Burst Lip in Creme Brulee -- LOVE this lipstick. it is a nude & cafe mocha mixed in one topped with shimmer. you get a decent color pay off and it does moisturize. But I have very dry lips from having bad allergies, therefore this product will emphasis them when worn alone. I tried applying a clear balm prior to application, and loved it.

Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Lotion

I was literally out of travel size hand lotion, and quickly scanned the lotion isle for a miniature aveeno lotion. i almost never go wrong with any aveeno products. and this product was no different.

i generally use it after i wash my hands, as i do 1000x a day, and some times feel i do not need to reapply after a hand wash just with how moisturized my skin feels.

it smells great, very soft and moisturizing. the littlest bit spreads very evenly and covers greatly. it is not the least bit greasy. i absolutely love aveeno lotions <3

Here is a really cool picture of the sky as I was walking out of the drug store, doesn't it look pretty cool? I love the sky-- and since I am out far west of the city the majority of the time, I see the sky so much clearer as opposed to seeing it with all the city's pollution blocking its beauty. Ahh.. soothing :)

That wraps up my quick drug store haul. Nothing special, just a few every day items. I really am interested in finding a good maximum coverage foundation. have any of my readers have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading !!

Rica xo