Sunday, November 03, 2013

a look into my life xx

Hello my beautiful readers!

I have been slacking on posting so I want to get back into the groove of things. I do not know how some of my favforite bloggers do it with posting every week, even twice a week like Mindy at Broken Eggshells! Jeeezzzz girl, give me what ever you're having! ;)

So much is going on with me I do now know where to start. This year has been one of the most rollercoaster rides I have ever been through. It has also been one of the hardest. However you can't expect to swim to the shore without making it past the sharks right?

Let's start with some amazing news. My eldest brother had his second baby boy. I have him pictured below at two days old. He is like 'get that camera outta my face auntie-- no more!!" LOL

 My brother has another son whom is two years old, and I figured since all the attention is on his baby brother -- I would buy him some presents to play with so he does not feel left out!

Over are some of the items I bought him. The total was only like $70 at Target!!! And from the sounds of it, my nephew is getting my moneys worth with how much he plays with it all !! all smiles for auntie!!! b

The next thing I had on my busy schedule was redoing a horrific bedroom. I took a thousand pictures, but the main ones that are my greatest sense of accomplishment are the ones below.
Be ready to be amazed.
My boyfriend and I went to town on his bedroom.
It went from bachelor pad yucky man room to a room out of a catalog !!
We redid the floors, the walls, the furniture, all of it.
 Look for yourself with more pictures down below!!

The room is absolutely amazing .
But the transformation that is my absolute most proud feat is.....


are you ready for it ??!?!!? be sure, cus there is no going back !!! ;)

TO  ...... THIS!!!

It is breathtaking isn't it? we did it right in time for the fall colors to pop out in the forest behind the house. I love waking up to this every morning. It was such hard work but we pulled through doing it all ourselves with our own two hands. we appreciate it so much more than if someone else did it.
The best transformation of all was my closet.
Take a freakin look at this monstrous pathetic excuse of a closet!!

We went from THAT ^^ to a beautiful, vibrant, room that is sure to have your mouth dropped!!! LOL

I know, what a difference right? I absolutely love it. The closet is not yet finished. we are getting some organizers up, for clothes, purses, etc but the change so far is dramatic enough !!

Here are a few other pictures I took!!
view from the entrance door
Notice the new floors, the new paint on the walls, the black doors and trim--
we redid it ALL !!

     The closet doors and my wonderful new mirror <3

&& of course my enjoying the new room <3

I also bought a few indoor tanning items I really wanted. Now that it is freezing outside, I am going to the indoor tanning beds. I am actually writing a long and informational post on tanning and all that goes with it so look for it in the near future!

I bought a daily beauty maintenance pack from JWOWs line. It includes a face cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. It was $60 but again, you are buying the name more than you are buying the product. I normally do not do this, but I have been proven again and again with JWOWs products from her indoor tanning lotions to her bikinis -- she does only use grade a products.

the middle bright blue bottle is the Kardashian Glow tan extender. I really needed one. I have heard so many good things about tan extenders being useful for when you need to temporarily stop tanning, but want your tan to last throughout that time. I used it for vacation and it worked wonderfully. This was $80 but again. it is because of the Kardashian name. LOL

The last item is the Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening system which is my absolute favorite product of all three. You do not need to use this in a tanning bed only, you can do it at any time because it comes with its own UV light that you conveniently place in your mouth.

That about wraps up my new "life update" post !!

How are things going in your lives? send me the link to your guys' posts if you do any lifestyle posts like this! I love doing them as it gives your readers a look into the lives of the person behind the blog, ya know what I mean? it can make your readers connect more if they feel they can relate to you on more levels than just beauty. I also love to share such good news !!! ;)

This was soooo hard to do on my tablet, that is why it has taken sooo long but it is worth it.
thanks for reading loves!!

Rica xx


  1. Baby its gorgeous god bless him, Great idea to get a a special gift for his brother. Great job in the decor it looks beautiful and you do to.

    1. Thank you so much Jackie !!! I couksnt leave my first born nephew out ;) and the room was a very hard but worthwhile job. Thanks for commenting. Lve !!! Xo

  2. OMG!! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!!! It's an honor knowing I am one of your favorite bloggers! I love your blog as well and I can't believe your typed this with a tablet!
    Posting twice a week is a lot of work!! hehe. Time management and multitasking is how I do it. Some ideas come easier than others.. like writing about my week. Even though it takes a long time, I enjoy it and I love being able to look back on my older blog post.

    You and the baby look so cute together! Congrats to your brother!
    And you are really thoughtful to have brought the baby's older brother presents as well. I agree that he might be feeling left out right now since he isn't getting as much attention as he is used to.

    Your new room is amazing! I love the blue walls and black furniture combo. It's very different (in a good way) from what it was before. Your closet looks so neat and organized as well. I'm jealous because my closet is a disaster hehe. I love the way your new room looks now!

    1. Of course gorgeous ! I have always been a high fan of your blog and I love seeing you grow with your blog. You are so ute and such a fabulous blogger!!

      Thank you for your compliments! The room is definitely different from what most people would choose to do. However that is what him and I were going for !! We wanted contrasting colors like who paiints htheir doors black ?!? Haha we love making bold statements!

      I went to start trying to post once a week. I think I would be blue to do that and will have time to do my other daily tasks. You are definitely an inspiration though !!!

      Rica xo

  3. Great to see you. Really nice update.

    1. Thank you Sabrina, I love your page . I was just on it yesterday. Lol thank you for visit in and commenting. Oxo

  4. Wow! what a transformation! Good job! New follower from blogaholic Whit from Raspy Wit

    1. thanks for your comment! i will check your blog out and follow as soon as i can !!

      rica xo

  5. You've been busy! Your room looks great and what a view- Wow! Your little nephew is so cute and what a good Auntie making sure the oldest doesn't feel like he's been forgotten.

    1. Isn't the view spectacular? In the fall it is the best as the fall tree colors are so vibrant and pigmented! I am so happy with how it turned out.

      Thanks for your comment! I absolutely love my nephews <33

  6. What a cute baby! The house is beautiful now, congrats!
    I always follow back! You just need to follow and let me know :)
    I hope you can visit me soon :D

    Love xx

    1. thank you love! i followed you and will let you know as soon as i get back on. i am tired from the long day today! thank you for commenting!!

  7. Rica! Thanks for stopping by my place, and for following! I'm assuming you found me through NaBloPoMo, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Your nephew is adorable! Congratulations.

    The room looks amazing. Great job!

    1. Thanks for your comment girly! I think I just saw your page as a comment on another's blog and saw youa re from Chicago, which is where I am from and thought hayyyy!! ;) LOL

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  8. i love your shark analogy. it's totally true and great to keep in mind for those bad days. and can i just say WOW to your room makeover! it's hard believe it looked like a total bachelor pad before! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments! i'm now following you on GFC and Google+

    1. Thank you!!! I know, I still trip myself out with the room makeover!!! lol I love waking up to that view as well. Thank you for commenting love! i will follow you back both blogger and gfc

  9. i forgot to add, i'm following you on blogger too!


  10. superb post.... Can we follow each other????

  11. Hi dear,

    I like your pretty blog, I'll be back more often =)
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC and maybe social media?
    Let me know so I can follow you back.
    Kisses, Ana

    1. thank you so much ana. you are too sweet. I checked your blog out and followed you back both blogger and via GFC. thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!! looking forward to future posts of yours!

  12. great post,that baby is so cute
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

    1. awh, thank you so much love! I would love to follow you back via gfrc and blogger. ill get on it now :)

  13. Great post! It's always nice to see more about a person!
    Followed you on bloglovin!
    Hope you check my blog too!
    my blog

    1. I agree- its nice to take a step away from just beauty related posts and actually dig deeper inside the person behind the blog LOL thank you for noticing and agreeing with me on that point. thank you for commenting as well!

  14. Hi!
    Wonderful post!
    Would you like to follow each other? (GFC, facebook, bloglovin)
    If so, please let me know, I will follow you back immediately. :)

    1. hey love, I would love to check your page out and follow you back. thank you so much for commenting and checking my page out!

  15. Hi hun, stopping by to wish you well for the week ahead. Happy December! Aww the baby is so sweet and really well designed room, following you too

    1. thank you so much sam! we put a lot of hard work into it, but we are both so pleased with how it came out. I absolutely love being in that room now! lol thank you for commenting and following me! ill do the same!

  16. Hi hun, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog I'm very happy that you like it :) means a lot for me :) I like your blog too. I will definitely pop in sometimes to see your new post :) Take care, your new follower :)

    1. thank you so much Joanna. I really enjoyed your blog, and am sdo happy you visited my page and like my page as well. I look forward to future posts of yours! hope you have a great new year


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