Monday, April 08, 2013

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This is definitely a much needed post, that I will probably get a lot of flack for. I am so shocked at the actions of some pathetic bitches I just have to put them on blast. Below are a few things I have listed that I realized girls do too damn much. I also stated some of my pet peeves when it comes to MY blog.
Included are ecards I dedicate to bitches. lol Too much of a coincidence isn't a coincidence at all. ;-)

#1 –asset illusions in pictures on the internet
Girls who clearly have no ass will either pop their hip out & curve her back as much as possible to create the “big ass illusion,” Or they will suck in so much their chest is about to pop while lifting their right ass cheek and thigh over the sink, so it pushes all their fat toward the front creating the illusion of it being thick and then claim they are such a "thick bad bitch." lol Or girls claiming they are a D cup in bras, then you’ll see her in a bathing suit looking smaller than a regular B cup with no cleavage at all when all over her profile it will state she has a D Cup bra size. 

#2 – pictures at different angles.
This one ties hand in hand with the first above..  They’ll take a picture of her closed lip smile from the front, then again from the side, again from up left, so on and so forth. Of course your body is going to look thin from a top angle when your arm is curved into your body setting an illusion of your body ending where your arm is when really your body continues to go behind your arm. Not just with bodies, but also faces. We don’t need to see your face from every different angle! You have the same make up, same facial expression, same hair -- all from four different angles. Mix it up a bit biaaa!

#3—overkill exaggeration
I get comments all the time on my pictures of girls saying “omg my hair used to be that long” or “my tummy was more toned than yours before my baby!” or “my ass used to be so toned and big.” While all of those are definitely possible – in these cases, it’s not. how do i know? well, when you knew the girl when she was supposedly that thin and had that big of an ass and don’t remember her being that way ?? t’s so fuckin hilarious to see her front as if she was. Especially when a girl claims she was as tiny as me when we were friends but after pregnancy BLEW UP, then give me clothes and bras that were super tiny and B cups and now says she has always been a Full C cup even at that time. Bitch quit lyin'.

#4—upping yourself into some thing you’re not
Girls who put on Facebook how they are such a baller, make so much money, and constantly work their asses off. Everyone knows you're still living with your parents, getting a weekly allowance from them, and have no other bills cus all are paid for by your mommy and daddy, and therefore the money you do have you CAN spend on cheap make up products and clothes. Must be nice! ... NOT.  It really bothers me when they get all this, and still scam the government for food stamps, medical, and cash allowance by lying through their motherfucken teeth on their applications. 

This is also about people who make consider themselves saints because they do a few good deeds here and there. I really can’t stand the people who post statuses every time they do a good deed. I have stated before (obviously, that’s why she’s stating it now lol) that I am always giving back any which way I can, when i can afford to do so. Which BTW is not always!! I consider myself blessed in many ways. it makes me feel so good to know I was able to put a smile on peoples’ faces with the smallest of gestures...NOW do you see me keeping every one on facebook informed on every little thing I do and when I do this? No. Why? Because I don’t have shit to prove to any one. Yes one status is okay, and good to know, especially when you're asking others to help join a cause you're a part of. But everrrry time!? 

You go on and on about how you gave a homeless guy a dollar just shows me you are trying to fill a void. You care too much what people think and are therefore trying to prove to them you are some good person because you did a couple good aforementioned deeds. The only person you’re kidding is yourself.

#5--copying off of my blog site
Just as every one has a different handwriting style to another, I believe every one has their way of ‘speaking’ on the internet that USUALLY differs from one another. I am a smiley and punctuation freak! I am always using them to my advantage. I like to make my ‘writing’ very ‘pretty.’ Therefore I always use ;; or + to emphasize some things. My point is you can definitely tell my writing from another’s. I know I’m not the only one who does all of this – but to see friends of mine who never did any thing like that to all of a sudden typing like I do to the T .. is kiiiind of annoying.

I have no proof, though, so what can I do? Not a damn thing.
So I bitch instead. It's my blog, I can do what I want. Suck it!

What I do have proof and CAN take action on it when I see a bitch taking paragraphs out of my blogs, and some times not even rewriting full sentences! I am alllllll over the net, and see things you wouldn’t come across if you tried. Not only that but my online schooling has a plagiarism program you can upload a document, and they will tell you the percentage that is plagiarized, highlight what is, and provide the link it is plagiarized from. To upload one of your blog post and see results that say “34% recreated from “ and “16% plagiarized from” really amuses me. 

There are some posts I upload that aren't related to mine at all, but still have a good percentage plagiarized from other review sites on the internet but the blogger will just rephrase a few words. I see this the most in blog posts on reviews of beauty products.

i put a lot of work and thought into my blog posts. They are well put together & have a good word:picture ratio. I haaaate blogs that are words upon words upon words or pictures upon pictures especially when the pictures aren't re-sized to the standard size and are so over-sized it takes forever for your computer to load them. Another thing I really like is coming up with good blog post titles. Ones such as "get to know me, then hate me;" "my life:: your entertainment"; "rewinddd"; "all things girly"; "get in my businesssss"; "its beginning to feel a lot like christmas!"; "life is the best its ever been"; "i cant be tamed" ; && "procrastination at its finest" are all blog titles I had back in 2011 that are not being used from 2012-now on other blogs I have come across.

I know a lot of you may think I am pathetic for even giving these girls any recognition because that is, afterall, what they are seeking but I just can't get over it. I have held my tongue for years, and after this post I will not mention any of it again. To see it over and over again truly agitates me unlike any thing else.

Rant .... OVER. Why? --->


  1. Long ass post but mad funny girl! These bitches dont even phase you girl! Dont give em any attention. lOL this still a mad funny post....PROPS!!

    Traci Baby

  2. Girls do that because they are insecure, you should recommend ways for them to feel better about themselves because youre obviously a beautiful girl and dont do all that so share the wealth girl!! that is very pathetic about the girl who says she has a D cup bra and then in bikinis you see they have NO tits! LOLOL Busted!!! lokin forward to ur future blogs, u always amuse us!!! take care rica!!!

    Trin Bean


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