Wednesday, April 13, 2016


i haven't updated in a very long time. Sorry to all my readers, i know you've been patiently waiting. I've gotten numerous mesgs asking where ive been. With a drastic spur of the moment move across the state of Illinois and a handful of new relationships, i've been super busy to say the least.

But the main reason is i have been out of internet access, but thankfully have been able to write some posts on Microsoft word & save them to my laptop. So stay tuned for a bombardment of blogs any day i get my lazy ass up to the library to copy + paste them here.

I feel so cluster-fucked with thoughts and emotions running wild in every which way direction when i don't write. Its like therapy for me. Even though i'm talking to no one, it feels like i'm releasing my thoughts. And believe it or not, i kind of come up with my own advice to myself after i'm done reading my blogs. insane? Possibly so.

this is your warning.

enter if you dare.

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