Wednesday, September 25, 2013

judgment sucks xx

judgment sucks.

i know i say that too often. but it's freaking true. i always start with the belief that all people are good. i want to just have faith in the human race. people in general have flaws. if you wanna talk about flaws you are preaching to the choir, darling. you will always have the benefit of the doubt from me, until you personally mess with me. I've always been that way, but for some reason i think i have "sucker" printed somewhere on my body, because everyone seems to just mistake me for one.

so I'm going to fill you in on a little bit about myself. girls just love talking about themselves, and i am no different. i just feel i am different from many girls. but of course once i go into how i am different, any girl reading it will respond with "omggg we are SO alike, we are long lost sisters!!" which sure, maybe we are. but since when are sisters completely alike?

i could watch YouTube for hours, I'm obsessed with beauty tips and make up videos. and i can listen to music all hours of the day. i often tivo new or my favorite music videos to learn the dances. i research psychology like nobody's business, along with sharks and outer space when i'm bored. I'm awkward and obscene. i hate illiteracy, indecision, and heartbreak. i hate lies, ignorance, un-manicured fingernails and toenails, & girls who claim they're so insecure yet act like conceited sluts half the time.

At the time I initially wrote this blog, I spent a big part of my life worrying and keeping composure for people in the end who weren't who i thought they loyalty hasn't changed, my faith in a lot of things hasn't changed, but my faith in people has..I'm aware i don't take anything seriously anymore, but if u were to turn to someone and say "whats the deal with felicia"-- i am positive Ur not going to get an answer along the lines of degrading my name or rep..

i have always had one boyfriend my entire life. this has kept me out of sooo much drama. when you think about it girls get into fights these days over boys. its ridiculous, but the truth.

with that being said ...

welcome to my new blog about La Bella Vita ... which allows you to get inside my thoughts, my opinions, everything on my beautiful life.

raw & uncut.
xox rica

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