Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Incredible Bargain Shopper!

Hey Dollfaces,

ok ok ok..  so it is a given that I love me some great 5” or higher heels.  I can easily spend pretty pennies to have them, but love it more when i get a great deal on some gorgeous shoes! But the thing with me is, though I do love just about every pair of to die for heels on bebe.com, the truth is they’re out of my price range. If I had the kind of money to throw around on the shoes i love-- that would complete my life on that site, I’d be a very happy girl! But, I don’t. && i accept that.

So I find other means. ;)

But once in a while, in a cruel almost auto-masochism routine, I torture myself by looking at net-a-porter.com or shopbop.com or as previously stated, bebe.com and adding pair after pair to my cart, never being able to actually “check out” in the end. But it feels good to pretend. And today while enduring the agony of ‘window shoe shopping’ on shopbop.com, I came across a familiar friend.

$310.00 for an awesome pair of Rock&Republic heels. They’re to die for. Black and gray suede, perfect heel height. I can almost see my little feeties in them now. But $310.00 for shoes?

Ouch. never will i spend that much $ on a pair of shoes.

but then it hit me.. i've seen these shoes before! Earlier today, in fact! && being the bargain shopper that I am, i am a fan of GoJane.com for shoe shopping. Amongst the plethora of God-awful shoes on that site, there is the often occasional gem. This familiar shoe was one of them.

Now, the differences here are obvious.

The quality of the shoe on the left is much better than that of the right. The materials used, the craftsmanship, the sheer look of it. But in all honesty, does that really matter? Sure, if I had the money, I’d prefer the Rock&Republic’s on the left.

But the wonderful thing about my keen eye for bargain shopping, is that the twin with the learning disability on the right is only $20.60. Sure, you get what you pay for. But I am too cheap to care. The great thing about this site as well, is that you can order these shoes in other colors! An option Rock&Republic does not offer. I see no difference in ordering righty over there.

Now what did i just do?

 saved myself $289.40 on one pair of shoes! 

That is my favorite thing about my bargain shoe shopping. what some people would spend on one pair, I can spend on seven or eight great new pairs of shoes. don’t even get me started on the prices of those Louboutins…..

xo felicia


  1. lol this is priceles!! u go girl!

  2. Nice shoes.

  3. I love finding dupes for expensive items. What a great deal on a (really similar looking) pair of shoes. You can always invest in the real ones if you find that you get a lot of wear out of that style.



  4. WOW!!! GREAT Shoes


  5. Gorgeous heels!
    Mafalda ❤

  6. those heels are so nice!!! and really who cares about the quality, you walk in them so they will get a little destroyed haha at least mine are haha i love getting super bargains! :D
    hope you are doing well! x
    - Andrea

  7. Hello, lovely shoes. a greeting


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