Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cheerleading < 3

I have had a love for cheerleading for almost half my life. When I was younger, my mom wouldn't let me join the tackle football teams so I began loving the cheer leading squads. I learned and memorized all the routines and cheers, and even began making ones up myself. There is a common misconception about us cheerleaders though.

Being a cheerleader isn't just how high you jump, how loud you yell, or how much spirit you have.

Being a cheerleader requires the right attitude, a positive attitude. With all the intensity between squads cheerleaders must have a lot of sportsmanship.

I have it.  Do you?

So last summer I posted an ad on to gather a group of girls for some sports during the summer. I made a local ad in the community section. I got soo many responses! After about two weeks, I had narrowed it down to 8 girls, and we all lived within 20 miles of eachother. The first time we went to Madison Meadows, we ran into another group of girls (oddly enough there were 8 of them too) and we decided to join forces and play together. We did everything from softball to volleyball to football, and especially cheerleading for the boy's baseball and football teams at the Commons & Madison Meadows.

We had an awesome routine & the difficulty level was higher than any other real squad, atleast i thought so hehe =]

This squad is amazing, and I am seeking more routines and cheers.

So if any of my readers have any that they recall from their younger years, let me know pleaseee!!

Thanks ladies!!

Felicia xx

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